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False account revocation -- Technical issue?


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Report this Dec. 27 2012, 7:41 pm

I am writing this on behalf of a long-time member of the Star Trek boards, who is currently unable to log-in because of a message that her account has been "revoked", with no further information given. This member's posts remain online (undeleted) but her account has been inaccessible, and she is very anxious about this point. If this is a technical issue (as I suspect it is) then it would be very much appreciated if Admin. would fix it as soon as possible. I do not know how many members have been affected, but Admin. should get onto this issue promptly -- please.

I would say "before it becomes a larger problem" but then I have to check myself as it is already a large problem for at least one long-time user. (who in case you have any questions on that matter, has never been a part of the ongoing factional fights. Much as I have no issue with any of those users, I would not be pleading on their behalf.)

Admin, fix this please. Thank you.

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Otakujo admin will probably need their name


and good luck. 

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