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Why is Star Trek so popular?


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TOS lasted only three years but Star Trek became and is a cultural icon. How and Why? Why is it so popular?


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I think Star Trek is offers an ideal culture.  The Federation has overcome poverty, sickness, and economics.  Also, there is the opportunity for glorious adventure.  What's not to like?

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The appeal is much of what miklamar said, it does offer a culture for our future that we will overcome many of the ills we have today while not necessarily seeming like a utopia. It seems realistic not only in the technological sense much of what we have achieved such as communicators = cell phones, ipads etc. but interactions with alian cultures. It expands our mind with the scientific aspects leading to many kids growing up with an inspiration to go into the field of science (which is why I resent that the last series Enterprise and the recent movies want to take away the science to focus on attracting new fans).

While there are many fans such as myself who equally love Star Wars and Star Trek, Star Wars does feel like it's in a galaxy far, far away while the latter has the appeal that we can achieve much of what is presented in Star Trek and boldly go where no man has gone before (without too much destruction I hope).


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I'd say it's popular because it is the ultimate story. And I personally don't view any of the series or movies except for 2009 onwards to be separate but one massive series.

It's the ultimate story of what will happen to us, and it follows and uses our own history, and every series has amazing acting, amazing writing, incredible continuity given the vastness of the franchise, and every series has great characters that are usually easy to love, and even the ones who aren't easy to love, will grow on you overtime. It's the most timeless series ever made. It never gets old.

It is it's own universe that due to it's very nature really never ends. The universe continues even if we don't see what's happening.


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I think there are many reasons -- not only the ideal future (at a time when most science fiction was dealing in dystopia, this must have been quite novel.) Some of these reasons are artistic or idealistic; some might be described as a lot more pragmatic.

* The low budget forced many of the writers to focus on developing characters and stories that could be supported by less money than many of the more visually spectacular movies today... Forget not that the early Star Wars' success was also based largely on story.

* Continuous revivals means an influx of new fans who are often interested in knowing more about the originals -- also means that Star Trek in some form remains relevant to our time. A need for competitive ratings and revenues led to the movies which did much to fill the gap between original and next gen.

* The nostalgia factor. Many twenty and thirty somethings in the 80s when TNG came out were kids in the 60s, who remember Star Trek fondly.

* Speaking of which, the themes are timeless -- not specific to a period in history and easily dated for example once the Cold War was over. This also feeds into the nostalgia factor when people realise that the series they really liked as kids hasn't dated so badly after all. (even though it kind of has for some...)

* Also, let's not underestimate the role of effective marketing and sheer blind luck.

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To me Star Trek allows people who have no hope see the light at the end of a dark road. Star Trek shows people who are backed in a cornor that they have it in themselves to come out swinging because a challenge is just a mile stone to overcome.

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