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Maquis doing the right thing or not?

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Created by: startrek_alpha


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What do you think of the Maquis? Do you agree with what they are doing?


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Yes, I think they are doing the right thing. They defended their homeworlds against a brutal invader, doing the same thing as the Polish and French resistance movement did during WWII and what the resistance movements in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania did after WWII.

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From their perspective, I believe they were doing the right thing--fighting for their homeland.

But, from the Federation's viewpoint, I think they should have just packed their bags and found another good spot to settle.

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The people who seceded from the Federation were right to do so and the Maquis were right to defend their homeworlds. The Maquis were wrong, however, in those instances when they went beyond defending their homeworlds, such as attacking the Enterprise to steal medical supplies in "Preemptive Strike" or Michael Eddngton hijacking a shipment of industrial replicators in DS9's "For the Cause".  

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... You don't just abandon STARFLEET when you want to fight for your homeland! ( even if it's not your homeland) . You let STARFLEET know what is going on and why you shoud help. !!AND KEEP YOUR MORELS INTACT!!

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Some Maquis were not in Starfleet when they joined.

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