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Best in Command

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Created by: startrek_alpha


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There's a reason Spock was first officer. Is this even a debate? I'd take Sulu ahead of Scotty though, even though Scotty was the real 3rd in command. Sulu was always so composed.


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Spock always Vulcan messed it up to the point all the command officers say "R u out of ur Vulkan mind!" and they had a near mutany, and they say "U unfeeling green blooded hobgoblin u don';t care about the people down there!!!" but he always just managed to get it done perfectly, everyone else would have severe challenge they use thier unique skills to solve, but then say, "Captain you can have back ur chair now, and if I ever ask for again. remind me of this"

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Spock for sure, but I always liked Mr Scott taking a turn in the big chair. Scotty wouldn't take crap off anybody especially Federation Ambassadors.


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Scotty is the clear choice, because Spock always accompanied Kirk on the landing parties. Scotty had nerves of steel and could have been a great captain.


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I think Spock was the best in command when Kirk left. Spock was always logical and used it to has advantage. Of course, logic can fail us soetimes...


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I chose Spock at first; very obvious since he is the next in command and obviously he is very capable of being in command. But many times, Kirk has had Spock go with him on a-way missions. So when that happens I would say Sulu.


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Spock is easily the best to leave in command, although at times he obviously requires the other crew (or Bones in particular) to show him another way of thinking. In terms of entertainment though my favourite to be left in command is Scotty.

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