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Best in Command

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Created by: startrek_alpha


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Who is best to leave in command when Captain Kirk is on an away mission? Spock? Scotty? Sulu? Chekove? Uhura?

Irina Galliulin

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Chekov is the bravest one. He's never afraid of anything!


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Official chain of command by rank is what they always did:  Spock, Scotty, then any of several junior officers.



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I would say Spock. Very rarely can logic ever be con in a situation.

"Only one, Human captain, ever survived the Minbari fleet. He is behind me, you, are in front of me. If you value your lives, then be somewhere else." Delenn.


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Commander Scott..

 Can't shake a Scottsman!!!


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Quote: /view_profile/ @

Quote: /view_profile/ @




>Chekov is the bravest one. He's never afraid of anything!


I've heard him screaming like a girl in a few episodes and in some movies

 Exactly, I was going to mention the same thing but you beat me to it.


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Spock and why wasnt Mccoy up there


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An away mission?  Kirk never, ever, went on an away mission.  When he left the ship, it was with a landing party.  Nobody in The Only Series went on an away mission - that's a term from TNG and later.



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Ummmm..... what about the Gorn episode, wasn't Kirk on the planet to fight the Gorn by himself?  And it looked like Spock was in charge while the crew was viewing the events on screen between Kirk and the Gorn.


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I like how Uhura handled the ship in the TAS ep The Lorelei Signal.


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Spock. If he's not available, then Scotty. If he's not available, Sulu.


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I choose Scotty, and while he didn't command much, he was much more instinctive about ships and had a nose for details.

I think it is in the episode "Friday's Child" that Scotty takes command, and recognizes a Klingon trap for what it is.

He also gets to say "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"


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Spock, then Checkov, and Scotty



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... Sulu's got my vote!

Spock's logic would often fail him
in command situations, which may
have influenced his not pursuing
a command of his own.

Scotty was always so cartoonish,
with his scrappiness, when in the
Center Seat. I hated it.

George Takei, though, he relished
having actual lines and delivered
them with fierce conviction ...


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Spock. He had the rank so there is no other choice really. He also had an extensive knowledge of Starfleet regs & protocol as well as historical tactical knowledge.

"Landing Party" or "Away Team", same thing. Terminology is bound to change over a 100 year span but the meaning is obvious.

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