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Captain Kirk vs Captain Picard vs Captain Janeway vs Captain Archer

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Created by: startrek_alpha


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I think Captain Archer and Kirk were my favorite captains. The only captain i never really liked was Picard. All the others could relixe at some point that talking was no longer an option. Kirk and Archer didnt shy away from throwing a punch when it was needed. Sisko too. 


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There are great arguments for each of the captains.

Captain Kirk, USS Enterprise: Space Cowboy. He was the first to explore many areas of the galaxy. His ship returned mostly unharmed from three five year missions and became celebrated as the flagship of Starfleet. He insists on winning and kicks butt. His relationships with Bones and Spock helped him make very important decisions. He will always be the most famous Trek captain.

Captain Picard, USS Enterprise-D: The Great Negotiator. Picard and his stern composure made for forming alliances with dozens of races, and served as mediators for peace talks with warring peoples. He is calculating and very intelligent. He is not afraid to be stern with his crew, and he demands respect, and has a commanding presence. His Enterprise explored just as much of the galaxy as Kirk's. 

Captain Sisko, USS Defiant: The Emissary. This man was very passionate. He stood up for what he believed in, was an excellent father, commander, and Emissary. Deep Space Nine grew in importance when the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant appeard. Sisko was up to the challenge of coming into contact with new races since Deep Space Nine was a melting pot of cultures. Week after week he faced incredible challenges. From Quark's shenanigans to the Klingon attacks. The Cardassians were no match for his wit and he was loved by the Bajoran people. When the Dominion War began, he might as well have been a general. He fought alongside the best of Starfleet. I was a bit put out by the last season of DS9...what happens to Sisko?

Captain Janeway, USS Voyager: The Team Player. After Janeway got her crew lost in the Delta Quadrant, she stepped up to the plate to make sure moral on board kept everyone motivated. She wasn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and get dirty with the rest of her crew. She recognized potential in people like Neelix and Seven of Nine, and even Naomi Wildman. She was very empathetic, yet also strong. She stands her ground and faces danger eye to eye. You don't mess with Janeway. She would use all of the resources at her disposal to experiment with new ways of trying to get home. Her moral center turned down a tempting proposal by Q. She took in the Maquis crew and molded them into fine Starfleet officers. She was a true leader, and I would be proud to serve under her. 

Captain Archer, USS Enterprise: The Pioneer. Captain Archer is truly a man who boldly went where no one has gone before. Captain of one of the first ships in Starfleet, he paved the way for Captain Kirk. Even though he began his command with a strained relationship with the Vulcans, he proved himself with each situation he became involved in. Even T'Pol grew to respect him as a leader. He found himself in tight spots quite often, as the captain of the first humans to visit parts of the galaxy.  Archer was in touch with his humanity and served as a good ambassador for earth in far reaches of unexplored space.

Honorble mentions:

Captain Sulu, USS Excelsior

Captain Garrett, USS Enterprise-C

Captain Pike, USS Enterprise

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I know there is some selection bias here with this being on the Voyager board, but seriously: How is Kirk not no. 1 wih Picard following closely behind him? Kirk, the swashbuckling hero who danced around the rules while still following the spirit of them, and Picard, the diplomat and scientist who did most of his work behind the scenes and away from the action and almost always followed regulations to the letter, are opposite sides of the same coin, making them the two best captains. All of the others (with Sisko's spiritulaity being an exception, even though the character overall is not) were just variants with those two as the far ends of the continuum.


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What, no Sisko?

But even if he was on there nobody beats PICARD.

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My word, how is Janeway in the lead?!

She was okay but c'mon Picard, Kirk, and Sisko are much better captains.


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Quote: Del_Duio @ May. 09 2013, 9:08 am


>My word, how is Janeway in the lead?!

>She was okay but c'mon Picard, Kirk, and Sisko are much better captains.


Probably because this was posted in the Voyager boards.

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Sisko was just plain bad-ass.


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Captain Kirk though I have to say that Captain Picard is good as well


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I would have to say Janeway because she had the most difficult task of being the only federation ship in the Delta Quadrant. And for teh most part, I think she did a good job.


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Chronologically, since Janeway was the captain existing alongside the latest research & technology known to Federation and so much from the Delta Quadrant, she would be the most versitile captain. Physically, her fighting skills may be insufficient in hand to hand combat but she's better versed in most every technological aspect of comparison.


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I don't think it's fair to put them up against each other like that. They each faced incredibly different events, each had completely different struggles. How would Picard deal with species 8472? How would Janeway deal with the Dominion?


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If I were to serve on a ship in a random rank, I think I'd choose Picard to be my Captain.  Would have the best shot of living and not taking stupid risks and has an even temperment.

As for exciting, I guess that would be a split between Archer and Kirk.


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Janeway was the worst! She destroys the Array, the only way to get her crew back home! Then spends the next few years lost in the Delta Quadrant! That speaks bad captain! She allows the Kazon to steal her ship and abadon her and her crew on an inhospitable planet! She saves the Borg from extermination! And later ends up getting assimilated by the Borg! Come'on! No way she's the best!  She's got to be the worst Captain in Starfleet, ever! It's a miracle her crew got back home!


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All the different captains are great in the own way, and really all of them are great leaders.
Archer is very "enterprising" (couldn't miss that opportunity) and really had to invent first contact procedures and create effective plans for exploration. He was very personable and was close with his crew.
Kirk was arrogant(in a good way), strong leader, and often bent the rules. But this ability to know when to take risks, and break the rules make him a great captain in his ability to lead effectively and his us of crazy ideas that end up turning out well.
Picard is a negotiator who is probably the most philosophical captain. He openly addressed tough issues and really handled thins morally and ethically.
Sisko at first was kinda weak at first, but in the end he lead a broken people to strength. He helped the Bajorans recover from occupation. He also played a significant part in the Dominion war. He is combines Picard's and Kirk's styles.
Janeway provides the strong female leadership position. She sometimes reminds me of the female version of Kirk, with Picard and a little bit of Archer (it's chicken vs. egg but you get the point ). She negotiates well, honors the rules but knows when to break them, knows how to beat incredible odds, and sticks to her principles, honestly she is the best of all the other captains.
This is very subjective but I think all the captains where great characters played by outstanding actors. Personally I am stuck between Janeway and Archer.


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Kirk and Picard are my favorite captains. I can't choose between those 2. I also liked Janeway very well so she is a close third. And why wasn't Sisko included in that list?

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