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What is the galaxies ugliest alien?


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Ferengi? Suliban? Malon? Which will it be?


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I'd say Vidiian, but they have a disease. Naturally,  those things from "VOY - The Swarm" come to mind. Or those ones Lwaxana said look better on a plate. But I'm sure I'll think of a worse one soon.


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What about that rock creature they have form the original series or what ever that thing is? The one that spammers seem to use as their avatars when they really want to be a real jerk of the boards?


This thing.

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They are called Excalbianians, and yes they are ugly. They're still cool.

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The Best Place To Look Is Quark's Bar!

W. T. Riker

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I forgot what it's called, but the life form from the ENT episode Vox Sola has always repulsed me.


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Pakleds their intelligence is ugly. I seriously can't think of a physically ugly alien at present though.


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From my point of view, that would be you HUMANS!

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My former mother in-law?

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Remans but i also bet that they'll be fun to be torched i would like to cut off their ears and perhaps take their fangs and use them like nails on their hands...


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Quote: Beershark @ Dec. 27 2012, 11:29 pm


>My former mother in-law?


Mine, too--plus the Antedeans, of course.

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Can't remember the episode but it's the black gooey looking species that wanted a federation colony removed. They have lived there for about 100 yrs but was now being expelled.

vulcan lady

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I also vote for the Remans.

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it has to be vidians

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