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Tuvok vs Spock vs T'Pol

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Created by: startrek_alpha


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I've seen all three Vulcans and I have to vote for Tuvok.  There were a couple of episodes where, no, he didn't "act" like a Vulcan due to extraordinary circumstances.  But on the whole, he was tops.  

T'Pol dealt with Trellium addiction which affected her Vulcan-ish behavior.  

Spock had to deal all too often with his human half.

But don't misinterpret:  I loved all three Vulcans.  They contributed well to the series they were in.



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Even though Spock was only half Vulcan, I think he was a much easier person to get along with than tuvok. Tuvok was probably the better Vulcan but sometimes being better isnt always the best. T'Pol was the most emotional Vulcan Ive ever seen. I like Spock better than Tuvok, but if this is only strictly about who was a better Vulcan, it is indeed Tuvok.


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Spock, everytime. How many other Trek characters (Vulcan or no) have come back from the dead? But still, he's incredible from episode one all the way through Star Trek V: The Undisovered Country (he's also the only redeeming quality in JJ Abrams new film). 


Tuvok. As much as I like him as a character, I'm afraid he simply cannot measure up to Spock's infinitely balanced (or sometimes not) human emotion and logical brilliance. Although Tuvok does seem to be better with kids.....


T'Pol. Not really. It's like they tried to make her totally unemotional and then rediculously uncontrolled, and the back to unemotional again. Not quite right. I think they also tried to focus on her being an annoying Vulcan too much. Yet, at the same time they bend over backwards to get her to take her clothes off. Really?


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Spock set the standard we use to measure others, but I was impressed by T'pol. Remember that during the era of ENT Vulcans were condescending (almost disdainful) towards humans. She maintained the requisite distance even while growing to respect her shipmates' accomplishments and judgement. Thos made for a very interesting character to me.

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Well Spock is only 1/2 Vulcan, but he's clearly the best character


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Tpol and Syboc are like the worst Vulcans ever. The difference is Syboc was trying to be un-Vulcan. Of course Tpol was more fun to look at....

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I think that Tuvok is the best Vulcan. Spock is great but not as convincing as Tuvok. Besides that, Spock is only half-Vulcan.

T'Pol was a parody.

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I think Tim Russ played his vulcan with more severity than Nimoy played his, and I think the writers wrote him as an as*hole partly as a result. The voyager writers also tended to write characters as as*holes in general. I always sensed the other vulcans, Vorik and T'Pol, modeled their characters on Russ's Tuvok.


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What, no Saavik?


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I signed up only to say this:

Romulan Fan: you're racist! Plain and simple. What a simply ridiculous comment. My grandfather once said, "Fear the racist that don't admit it to himself. They're much more dangerous."

I'm surprised this got a pass as well. What a shame.


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I voted for Spock.  Vulcans have the same emotions as other humanoid species so they have to train and discipline themselves to be unemotional.  So, not being a full Vulcan would not be a hindrance in that respect.


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It's Spock hands down!  You can't think of Volcans without thinking of Spock, first.


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I also chose Tuvok. I really loved the Voyager series and he was a very convincing Vulcan. However, Spock is also very convincing so I do like them both. T"Pol I don't know so well as I did not watch the Enterprise series as much.


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This would be Spock all the way all other Vulcans were trying to copy and failed. And I'm on about Spock Prime not the new crappy Spock


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Quote: corndogs @ Jan. 14 2013, 10:58 am


>I compare T'Pol to 7 of 9, eye candy only.  Spock was my favorite vulcan, followed closely by Tuvok.




I always perfered Hoshi to T'pol. just thoiught she was hotter especially in In the mirror darkly

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