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Tuvok vs Spock vs T'Pol

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Created by: startrek_alpha

D. Cottingham

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Report this Dec. 30 2012, 8:28 pm

I would have to go with Tuvok.


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Tuvok?! Spock?! Tuvok?! Spock?! Tuvok?! Spock?! Tuvok?! Spock?! Tuvok?! Spock?! Tuvok?! Spock?! Tuvok?! Spock?!

gonna have to go with Tuvok- He was an awesome vulcan and he showed that you can love with out having emotions or loving( - does that make sense?) he remained committed to his wife, even during his Pon Farr and having been thousands of light years way from home and seeing his wife again was highly unlikely. Plus he made a good Borg, when trying to fight the   queen and collective for control of his own thoughts as the drugs wore off.

romulan fan

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Report this Jan. 13 2013, 6:40 pm

tuvok was the worst vulcan ever. call me all the names you want, i cant take a black vulkan seriously. is he supposed to come from vulkan africa? they should have just had a regular black dude as a crew member like jordy or uhura if they wanted to fill thier diversity quota. it was just unnessasary casting. they could have just as easily had tom paris or chekotay be black and that probably would have made them more interesting characters.


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I honestly think that Spock and Tuvok were both intriguing characters in their own right, and if I could vote for two characters in this poll I would! But I don't think it is fair to say that Tim Russ was cast simply because of his ethnic background! He is a talented actor and represented his character truthfully. And who's to say that all Vulcans must be white??

Spock and Tuvok are both Vulcans, yes, but will never be the same. If they had similar attributes and responses to scenarios, it wouldn't be very interesting to watch. You'd just be watching two versions of Spock in two different shows. I respect Tuvok and Spock as individual characters, and will always judge them in that light. 

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romulan fan

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their lack of emotion and their dedication to logic does make them a very uniformal folk. that is exactly what prevents them from developing a wide array of different personalities. the biggest difference you can get amongst vulkans is maybe a difference of opinion on some philosophical topics, at best. they´re a species of scientists.their whole thought process and behavior is dictated only by logic, they´re like biological computers. and in math, there´s usually only one right answer. hence vulkans are and should be almost all the same in almost all respects.

i never said tim russ was a bad actor, they just put him in the wrong roll.


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Spocks my favorite, Tuvok was good, but T'Pol was just f

un to watch


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I compare T'Pol to 7 of 9, eye candy only.  Spock was my favorite vulcan, followed closely by Tuvok.


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romulan fan I totally agree that if they wanted to have a Vulcan, they should have gotten someone like Spock. He could have been just someone one the bridge.

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Tuvok was awful. I think he's one of the worst chracters in the Star Trek universe. Everytime I see him I see a guy going "here's me being a Vulcan now, look at me, I'm Mr. Logical." He didn't come off as natural AT-ALL. One thing that really annoyed me about him is that he always walked around with a scowl. Vulcans are supposed to be emotionless with a slight tinge of sanctimoniousness to them. It seemed like Tim Russ's way of doing this was to put on his "serious face," when in fact he should have been expressionless. Seriously go to Google images and type in Tuvok. Most of the pictures you see of him show him with a furrowed brow which implies anger, frustration, or confusion. This is not a "blank Vulcan" look. To compound this his voice matches his face. The tension in his voice goes right along with the "serious look" he puts on. Now go to Youtube and type in "Tim Russ interview" and you'll see that I'm right. When he talks he doesn't furrow his brow, he does this for Tuvok to "look serious". Also when he talks he doesn't have that quick cadence to his voice. He's trying way too hard. Him talking normally would have been so much better, but he forced it. Vulcans should have a smug calmness in their voice not sound like they've got tension in their neck.

Tuvok = worst Vulcan ever.


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definatly Tuvok.




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Spock is my favorite vulcan character. T'pol is my favorite vulcan character to look at. To me, Tuvok is to me the best vulcan though. He is alot less emotional than the others. 

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Although Spock is half-vulvan he is still the top.

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Susan Shalabi Molano

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1- Spock Spock Spock (no one else compares!)

2- T'Pol (for all her faults she was cute-though not as a Vulcan. One could excuse her is thinking the Vulcans of her time weren't the Vulcans of later "Treks")

3- Tuvoc; he was annoying. his tendency to state the obvious wrought havoc on the reputation of Vulcans



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Quote: Nom_The_Wise @ Jan. 30 2013, 10:49 pm


>Although Spock is half-vulvan he is still the top.


Like that thought.



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