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Tuvok vs Spock vs T'Pol

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Created by: startrek_alpha


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Ahh tough question! As much as I love voyager no one can compete with Spock. I was never a big fan of Enterprize though so I don't really know T'Pol that well.

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I feel like in terms of who was a better Vulcan that Spock wins just because since he was half-human, he was trying harder than any other Vulcan to be Vulcan, does that make sense? Like he was trying the hardest to be Vulcan out of all the other Vulcans. 

However, I don't know T'Pol all that well so perhaps she was a better Vulcan. I don't know.


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I really like both Spock and Tuvok. But my vote goes to Tuvok who I think was a little more convincing as a Vulcan.

I never really liked T'Pol and never saw her as a Vulcan. She didn't act and behave like a Vulcan.

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Tuvok has to be my top choice With the others as joint for second.

However they all are great in the own series, even those that combine two series together. 


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Tuvok, as he had no human side with which to wrestle.

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I agree with you nicole.grazeskowiak


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You know what, T'Pol was the first one to use the Vulcan language in an episode. It happened a few times.

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Tuvok a full human? I thought he was full vulcan.. I would Pick Spock for I started out at 8 falling in love with him in 1968.. But I love them all as well . Ok where are the female faces below? grrrr.


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 I believe Spock behaved more like a Vulcan than Tuvok or T'Pol. TOS Spock...aka Nimoy...really set the standard. Spock may have been half-human, but he was more intelligent and scientific than Tuvok or T'Pol. Tuvok appeared to be in a constant state of irritation. T'Pol acted a lot like Tuvok in that sense...smug and irritated...she definitely changed after they re-discovered the Kir'Shara. There were several other one-episode Vulcans that did a better job than all of the above.


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I'm sorry, I messed up on that. Tuvok is a full Vulcan.

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Hm, I guess Spock has to win. As much as I like both Tuvok and T'Pol, you can't beat Spock's witty remarks.

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Quote: nicole.grzeskowiak @ Dec. 27 2012, 7:35 am


>Tuvok, as he had no human side with which to wrestle.


But, what about the time he was joined with Neelix?  That was weird, wasn't it?

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It was. The funny part was when Neelix called Tuvok Mr. Vulcan. I thought that was so funny. Also when Neelix tries to get Tuvok to smile.

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I guess that Tuvok because he is very logical man.

Of course not Spock but too is very logical.

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This isn't really a fair vote because Spock isn't full vulcan so naturally he will appeal more to human nature. Whereas T'Pol and Tuvok are full vulcan so therefore only loved unconditionally by thoughs who truly love vulcans and what they stand for.

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