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Tuvok vs Spock vs T'Pol

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Quote: starfan97 @ Mar. 23 2013, 10:24 am


>Even though Spock was only half Vulcan, I think he was a much easier person to get along with than tuvok. Tuvok was probably the better Vulcan but sometimes being better isnt always the best. T'Pol was the most emotional Vulcan Ive ever seen. I like Spock better than Tuvok, but if this is only strictly about who was a better Vulcan, it is indeed Tuvok.



NO! Zacary Quinto's rendition of Spock in the Abramsverse of Star Trek is the most emotional Vulcan, even more than some of the strongly emotional Vulcans we saw on Enterprise. But if we are talking of series only, then yea T'Pol wins.


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I definitely believe that Spock was the best Vulcan on Star Trek. Tuvok , in my opinion, was quite irritating. And I never really liked T'Pol. She was emotional sometimes and others she acted Vulcan.

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