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Maquis and Starfleet

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i also agree that there could have been at least some more social differences between the maquis and the original crew. but i just wanted to add that a big reason why janeway gave so many key positions to maquis was so that they integrate better. it was discussed during one of the first few episodes in a conversation between chekotay and janeway. thats why chekotay was made first officer, torres was proven to be the most qualified, but had she been in a tie situation with a starfleeter, she still would have been made chief in order to appeal to the maquis. there were probably plenty other key positions that never got mentioned that were given to the maquis to gain their in a sense, janeway bought their loyalty. it would also be logical to assume that the shifts may have been assigned in a way that there was all-maquis and all starfleeter shifts in order to avoid friction and give everyone time to get used to eachother. the first officer does handle most if not all of the shift and personel related stuff and keeping things peaceful was on top of chekotay´s priority list.

also they were all so far away from cardasia and the fed. i suppose it didnt really matter why they were on opposing sides anymore. what could the maquis possibily accomplish that far away from the alpha quadrant?

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Would the Maquis rather go home to a war zone where their lives are put on the line day after day (assuming the Federation doesn't keep them locked up) than stay in a safe, if unusual and isolated, area which was free from the Cardassians, the Federation, and war?

What's safe about Borg Space (assuming the Borg haven't aggravated a group of aliens like species 8472)? 

It's somewhat of an assumption that they would be going home to a war zone, as it presumes that politics won't change for the better or worse in favor of the Maquis or Federation. The Federation was shown to have criminal rehabilitation centers, such as in "Caretaker". Integrating into the crew of Voyager may suffice for time served. It might be a different story if Voyager returned after two weeks, but 70 years is a long time. 


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It always bothered me a little bit that they fit in so easily. But then I wondered, perhaps at certain points they were the ones originating some of the nastier rumours about Janeway's (and Voyager's) reputation in an attempt to undermine her DQ networking?

Ultimately: an unanswerable question, but I like to think with the skill and tact the Maquis had combined with their stealth, espionage and subterfuge gained in their previous roles, a few subspace comms here... a few 'loose tongues' there... must have slipped out from Voyager under the radar on the odd occasion. Who knows who was listening?


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