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My fan-made Star Trek series (check it out if you want)


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Report this Dec. 21 2012, 12:30 pm

Hello there,

it's-a-me, Lee, and today I have a special announcement to make. My fan-made animated series called "Star Trek Galaxies" (someone else apparently used that name too, but I only noticed after publishing. I hope they won't accuse me of anything) is finally out there on Youtube!

Well, at least the first episode is. Or rather, the first part of the first episode. But hey, it's something! While I'm not particularly satisfied with the result, because quite frankly I suck at animating AND at doing graphics (I don't have any experience whatsoever). However, I think it is at least watchable and most of the voice acting is awesome!

For the next episode, I plan to change the style. Less crappy animation, but better graphics. At least that's what I'm trying to do. The series is laid out to be several seasons long, I have planned ahead much like Babylon 5 for example, but not as coherent and still rather episodic. The characters don't really reveal much in the first episode about themselves, but that will be different in subsequent episodes. The two-part pilot episode, I think myself, that it's not great. But I need to establish the premise first. And please don't judge me for stealing ideas. If anything, it is supposed to be a hommage or a tribute to something.

If you have time and feel like doing so, you can check out this link for the first trailer:

Or the link to the first part of the first part of the first episode:

The annotations should get you where you want to be. Please rate fairly and give constructive feedback. As I've said, the animations and style sucks, I know, but the story is at least interesting and the voice acting really good. It will get better in future episodes and even develop more story arcs (I all have it written down on countless papers at home).



I'm a huge Star Trek fan from Germany! I'm currently working on my own series, so stay tuned. (I will update this signature eventually)

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