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Getting into Star Trek, what should I watch!??


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Hey there, after going to The Hobbit in IMAX 3D and seeing the incredible Star Trek Into Darkness preview, I had to watch the 2009 film and was absolutely blown away. It's gotten me very interested in the Star Trek universe and television series', as well as the other films, and I'd like to begin watching as much as I can. However, there are a huge number of episodes in each series, and I would like to watch them all if I had the time which sadly I do not.

I was hoping someone could offer me an essential list of episodes from each season/series to watch, as I'm sure each series, and each respective season most likely has their filler episodes that aren't compeltely necessary to watch. 

Thank you for your input.


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This obviously is not the list you asked for but I figure I'd give some advice.  I'd recommend that you start by watching the pilots and a few episodes for the various series first and that may help you figure out which ones strike your fancy and which ones don't.  Once you have a series or two in mind that you want to explore, check out the boards here for that series.  Many have a "best season" or "best episode" thread. 

In terms of recommended series, TOS, TNG & DS9 are the best IMO.  VOY & ENT are for the truly addicted (such as myself).  On a season level here are my recommendations:

TOS: 1&2 are quite good 3 is iffy (budget was cut back=crappy writers and a lot of 'throwaway episodes')

TNG: 1&2 are hit or miss; 3 & 4 show improvement; seasons 5 onwards have consistently better episodes

DS9: Most addictive in later seasons above 4/5 onwards especially during the dominion war

VOY: I found it hard to get into and needed a few seasons to actually enjoy the show

ENT: Same as VOY where I forced myself to watch enough to get a spark of interest

That said, I think a strong argument could made for watching all of the movies first. They '09 Abrams got you into it, so it may keep your interest engaged.  I find that all of the movies stand alone pretty well and in some cases do add significantly to character development. 


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If you going to watch the movies first watch the three movies Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home back to back as the they are all parts of one plotline.

In terms of the TV series start of with The Original Series and The Next Generation. The episodes to start of with on TOS are Trouble With Tribble, Errand of Mercy and Amok Time, and then just continue from there.

With TNG I would say Best of Both Worlds parts I and II, The Inner Light and a Q episode (some thing like QPid).

Then watch Deep Space 9 , which you have to watch in order, and then (if you're still thoroughly addicted to the Trek universe) move onto VOY. Once you've watched VOY, see if you can get through Enterprise.




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Hi Michael ! It is very difficult to choose key episodes from each series ! You will find that there are many different tastes of the fans . There have been a number of dvd sets that have been put out to represent the best episodes from each series , which probably can be found on ebay reasonably cheaply though . Generally , if you watch the first episode of each series that will give you the idea of what they are like . Look them up on on youtube ! 

The Enterprise Series is closest in look and feel to Star Trek 2009 Movie .  

Anyway , here is a list to break down Star Trek to give you some understanding of what's available /


The Original Series is the Essence of Star Trek , and also the conceptual guide to the Trek'verse . Believe it or not , it actually makes it harder to get into the other series . But the best way is probably to follow the Series in order of their Tv appearance , which is basically chronological .

After the Original Series (1966-69) , the Animated Series (1973-74) continued the Original Journey , and the 7 Original Movies started (1979-82-84-86-89-91-94) .

Star Trek The Next Generation Series started in 1987 and was the beginning of Contemporary Star Trek having a more modern view .

The Next Generation Movies began with the movie Star Trek Generations (1994-96-98-02) .

Deep Space Nine Series (1993) is a deeper Spinoff of The Next Generation .

Voyager Series (1995) ia also a Spinoff of the Next Generation , and is about a Starship and Crew that are shipwrecked in an unexplored quadrant .

Enterprise Series (2001) is set before the Original Series , and is about the first members of Starfleet .

Star Trek Movie (2009) by JJ Abrams is an alternative Original movie .

All Trekkers Welcome !

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All of it.


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I would start with The Next Generation, then go from there. Everyone has their own opinion on each series, but I believe TNG is the one that made the real mark.

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i would start with the next generation, it is a little dated, but by far the best stories.


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Quote: /view_profile/ @

>Please just stick with your Twilight and Harry Potter fads. So many posers have decided it is suddenly cool to act like the TV stereotype geek, it is just embarassing. Please stop turning Trek into just another teen fad. Nobody likes posers.

You have no evidence of any kind that the OP is a "poser". Why don't you give him/her the benefit of the doubt and stop being rude?

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Mitchz95- you are right. I came across stronger than I intended. But I see it frequently now. Kids stating " I have decided to be a trakkie" or "OMG I watched the movie and I'm such a nerd now" and other nonsese. Pretending to like something simply because it is popular qualifies as a poser.

To answer the original question:
1) All 3 seasons of TOS. Critical to understand the characters and their motivations. You won't understand the numerous references in later shows/movies if you do not watch all of TOS.
2) Catch some first season episodes of TNG, then some later ones. Huge difference in the acting and characters. Also any that involve borg.
3) At least a couple of Voyagers. Not many cared for it, but it is a good example of Starfleet philosophy extending beyond the Enterprise.
Those should get you started. If you find you can't stomach the campiness or get over the contradictions (there are many) then you might look for a new hobby.


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I would suggest TOS Then movies I-VI to get I good grounding on the very foundation of Star Trek. You may want to watch TAS as well, maybe fit it in between the movies. Then I would start TNG and sometime after the third season mix in movies VII-X. After that DS9 and then VOY followed by ENT and finally ST'09. Actually, by then ST Into Darkness should be availble on DVD and Blu-ray. You should, of course, see that when it premeirs next month.

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Here is my list of essential episodes and films and what order to view them.

Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, Voyage Home, Undiscovered Country. encounter at farpoint (first appearence of Q), datalore, the measure of a man, time squared, Q Who (first appearence of the borg), Sarek, Best of Both Worlds parts 1 and 2, brothers, future imperfect, unification parts 1 and 2, ethics, I, Borg, the inner light, relics, chain of command parts 1 and 2, tapestry, descent parts 1 and 2, inheritance, all good things..., Star Trek: Generations, Star Trek : First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, the enemy within, miri, the menagerie parts 1 and 2, balance of terror, space seed (first appearence of Khan), this side of paradise, errand of mercy, the city on the edge of forever, amok time, mirror mirror, the doomsday machine, journey to babel (first appearence of spock's parents), trouble with tribbles, assignment earth, the tholian web, the empath, all our yesterdays, yesteryear, trials and tribble-ations, broken bow, shockwave parts 1 and 2, regeneration, the expanse, entire third season of st:ent, storm front parts 1 and 2, borderland, cold station 12, the augments, the forge, the awakening, kirshara, affliction, divergence, in a mirror darkly parts 1 and 2.

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I'd Say Make it Simple: start With TOS,And work Your Way foward.


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I recommend chronological in the Star Trek Universe: Start with Enterprise, then TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9 and finish up with Voyager.  At least I think that's how they are "ordered".  LOL!  Enjoy....


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Once you start watching THE NEXT GENERATION,
the rest of the franchise will just leave you flat!
TNG is, quite appropriately, the very BEST of
STAR TREK! It really satisfies - like none other!

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