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Season 1, Episode 1: Picard and #1


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I decided to re-watch this episode after taking about a year or so off from STNG to watch the later series, and I don't know why, but I had never noticed just how awkward Picard acts toward Riker up until the "I'm not comfortable around children" comment. Has there ever been any explanation for this? I can see how Picard is attempting to "test" Riker, but it comes across as incredibly strange. A very interesting aspect of this is seeing how the actors are attempting to "feel out" their characters. Any thoughts on the interaction between Picard and Riker in this episode?


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It is strange, because Picard picked Riker because he opposed his ship's captain from going on an away mission, which other captains thought was almost insubordinate.

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Hm you know I never thought about that, it is a rather good point of observation. I would say that knowing you like some one because of a decisions and then actually working with them will tend to make you uncomfortable for some period of time.  I think that the captain was not sure how to deal with Riker at first, but knowing his reputation got better about it.  As for the remark he makes, I sounds like he was giving Riker the "ok I am getting comfortable with you" by telling him something a bit personal.


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I think it's obvioius that Picard was testing the waters with Riker. This was Picard's first starship command in 9 years, and I'm sure he started off a little awkward and unsure in certain situations. 

You can certainly see that he's testing Riker based on the "manual docking" he orders him to conduct. He also wants to see how Riker reacts to authority, etc.



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When Riker's father visits the ENTERPRISE,
to help his son with (what was to be) his
first command, Picard acknowledges his
previous attitudes towards Riker, somewhat.
And, maybe it's just me, but it seems that
once Riker elects to remain with the crew,
Picard abandons all of his uncertainty about
his first officer and they're much more a team.


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It would've been kind of silly for Picard to immediately pretend to be good friends with Riker even though they had never met before.(i.e. Kirk and Spock)

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