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Does the Klingon alphabet have a copyright?


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I am working on an interesting project alongside other people, to give us all something interesting, but I would like to know, if there could be any legal issues with using the Klingon alphabet on my website. I know the language is porperty of Paramount, but how about the symbols (letters) themselves? - sci-fi ideas becoming reality


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Depends on how you intend to use it I guess, and whether as a marketing tool or a simple decoration. I don't think that anyone could call foul on you for randomly including what basically amounts to a bunch of weird squiggles and triangles.

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Yup for personal reasons its alright but if your going to make some money on it then you have to pay the piper or artists est.

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I hope, I will manage to release my new site soon and I will keep you and all  fans posted. Thanks for the replies.

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