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Voyager on Blu-ray?


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I just ordered the entire season of Star Trek Voyager on Amazon on DVD. Before it ships and before I accept the package can anyone give me a quick answer to my question.


Are they planning on releasing Voyager on blu-ray anytime soon?


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I doubt it's going to be anytime soon.  They're still working on TNG now, so then if they decide to continue... do they do DS9 next?  Either way.... it'll be a while.


Note:  ENT might be near done -

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I'd say from experience, it could be a long while.  They have to determine if there is a desire for it.  I think The Next Generation was released on Blu-ray following the release of the original series because TNG is almost as well-known as TOS (TNG is still being aired on many cable channels, for new fans to view also).  I have yet to meet a non-Star Trek fan who had even heard of Voyager (sad, but true).   Perhaps if new movies continue to come out over the years it will spark an interest in all nostalgic Trek stuff.

Deep Space Nine would probably be the next to be released anyway, if they do them in order.  

I would suggest you enjoy your Voyager DVD's now.  They are just as wonderful.

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I think they will all eventually be available its just going to take years. to get to the end.

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They reckon TNG will be all scanned over and put on Blu Ray sometime in 2015. There is rumours that Enterprise will go to Blu Ray very soon, but since that was natively shot in 1080, that's gonna be very easy to sort out. I wouldn't expect Voyager or DS9 anytime soon, but since CBS seems to be trying to bring back Star Trek as best it can - I wouldn't right it off.


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According to this, Enterprise Season 1 will be getting a BluRay release around the same time as TNG Season 3. If they were to include the DS9 Premiere on the TNG Season 6 BluRay, it could certainly open up new eyes to the series. 

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