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Christianity, Star Trek, and World Views


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So I wathced the new movie in '09 and absolutlely loved it!  I know that my dad used to watch Star Trek when I was a kid;  he would even say to me "live long and prosper" but I had no idea what it meant!  Anways, one of my roomates has netflix and I started watching Next Gen. I was quite fascinated by the story plots.  When I arrived upon episode seven, it struck me as severely telling of  how our world opperates.  It inspired me to write my first ever blogg!  In it I attempt to winnow out the different world views that are highlighted by the episode then approach them Chritianity.  Basicially Though very extensive check it out if you be curious


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Your perspective may be unique, because Gene Roddenberry was an atheist.

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STAR TREK: The Motion Picture touched on
our NEED for religion, very nicely, I thought.
And what I'm referring to, of course, is Spock's
speech about what V'GER requires to evolve.

Spock's pursuit of the Kholinar represented,
in a way, his own abandonment of any "belief"
system. To be accepting of Reality is very
important, but sometimes, even reality is just
not enough. Science only tells us what life is,
not how to live it. That's where beliefs come in.

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