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Hello everyone! First time user introducing an idea


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Hello everyone, 

This is my first post here, which makes me wonder why I didn't sign up for this years ago since I grew up with star trek. Anyways, I hope I didn't post this in the wrong section. I have an interesting story proposal for which I've already write 14 pages of.

I was always facinated with Section 31. I saw them as the dichotomoy between the moral highground of starfleet and the remorseless actions necessary to maintain that moral highground. That's not to say that they're the unsung heroes of Starfleet by any stretch of the imagination, but thier "black ops" feel always appealed to me.

So with that said, I was thinking about flexing my writing muscles to create a sort of...oh...I don't know...pilot episode/story involving section 31. Here's a brief synopsys/backstory which is of course, subject to change.

Section 31, who operates on the fringes of starfleet, completely unacknowledged but work for the common good. In being in this non-diplomatic position, they studied and developed new tech from the Borg and various other species as a scientist would to an organism in a peetry dish - completely objective and unphased by the nature of their work in effort to create better borg defenses.

Along the way, Section 31 officers were experimenting with interfacing borg tech with starfleet officers for a more efficient way of controlling and commanding large assaults against aggressors and to more efficiently solve ship issues day to day. During one of their pivotal experiments, one of the human-borgs freak out. His human emotions haven't been wiped away but the knowledge of the borg collective entered his mind and something really scared him. In fact, they learned that something scares the entire collective. Being completely overwhelmed by the information, and lacking the emotional control to "digest" what he knows, he was driven to insanity and self harm by this threat. And we're not talking species 8472 either. 

Through investigating what caused the borg to be worried, they discover that the borg learned about something while finidng artifacts not from this galaxy. These artifacts also appear throughout history as they crossreference what they know of them with the development of alpha quandrant species. 

Section 31 knows this and realizes that if the threat is real enough to send the borg into a frenzy, they have to investigate. They build 3 transwarp (thinking of using slipstream instead. I have to do my research) ships to cross between galaxies (thinking of using our neighbor Andromeda), one of which (also the only ship that was finished at the time) is named the Valkaryie, due to the similarity between the saucer section and paintings of Valkaryie Women in norse mythology (I drew several steno-notepad sketches of the ship if anyone's interested to see the paralells).

That's where my story starts. This new, large ship just entered this new galaxy completely baffled by the way things operate. There are space fairing species, but no warp, no gravimetric distortions to indicate wormholes, and very very few legitimate "star ships". The majority of who they meet travel in something short of a shuttlecraft. But somehow, they're able to travel from one star system to another (A mystery that I have an explanation for, but I don't want to divulge too much since it's heavily related to the overall story arc).

They're mission is to observe and try to find information on what the artifacts are, why the borg are in a frenzy, why this galaxy seems to have primitive solutions to highly technical problems and is the entire milky way galaxy under a threat greater then any known before. 

That's it in a nutshell. There's much more detail to it, but since it's a new plotline, I don't want to start getting into specifics only to change major plot points later.

So what do you guys think? Does it sound like a good, plausable story set in the Star Trek universe, or am I going a little too much in a direction that's not terribly faithful to the Star Trek Mantra? 


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welcome aboard. 

not a lot of fan fiction going on around here but there are sites that specialize in that. 

arch-angels in the link below has a fan fiction section if you are interested

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Very nice concept! A bit unusual, but then the best stories usually are.

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Well, the Romulans Had The Tal Shiar,The Cardassians The Obsidian Order, And The Klingon Emporors Had 'Shadow Cabinets' So why Can't The Federation Have its dark secrets?


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I would suggest (as Wissa has also) that you flesh out some of these stories, write them down with characters and narratives -- the actual stories rather than an outline of them; outlines are only ever a starting point -- and place them on a fanfiction archive where more people interested in fanfiction can read them.

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