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Season 5 Episode 24 The Next Phase is a repeat from season 1

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Enterprise 1701-E

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The only difference is that they replaced lutenant Yar with Ensen Roe. I couldn't even watch it because it was exactly the same as the episode from season 1 line for line. La Forge could have at least mentioned that him dissapearing had happened before and that Roe had nothing to worry about. But he acted as if it was his first time disappearing and he handled the situation exactly the same way he had before. If I was an actor, I would hate to act out a script for am episode I already did 4 years ago. I just don't understand it. What's weird is that I tried to find the episode from season 1 to compare, and I couldn't find it! Am I living in a parallel universe where the past changed and now that episode never happened in season 1? Was it always just La Forge and Roe? Or was it at one time La Forge and Yar? Please tell me the past didn't change!

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There was no such episode.


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I just finished rewatching season 1 and there is no episode like that.


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This site attracts all kinds of interesting people. 


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Hmmmm... I don't understand the post... but it made me laugh, so 2 thumbs up!!


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his username is Captain Morgan, could explain a lot!

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A late TNG episode called "The Pegasus" features the phasing cloak technology being used on the Enterprise instead of just people.


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