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TNG Remastered on DVD?


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Report this Dec. 11 2012, 12:58 pm

Apologies if anybody has ever commented on this; the lack of a search feature makes looking up old posts a daunting task, and I'd probably forget what I was looking for before I got to it... :-S

Also, I know I am late to the game in asking, but I am not typically active on boards or news sites. Have done some quick searches, but that's all. Aaaaaaanyways...

I have been wondering about this for a while, but haven't actually tried asking anybody. Mea culpa. I haven't seen anything about it, and of course, everything's about Blu-Ray now... but I've wondered if those of us who can't afford to upgrade will get to see the remasters. Yeah, yeah, there's the old discs, but having loved the TOS remasters, with new planets / ships /etc., it would be a real treat to be able to have the same opportunity for TNG. I mean, if TOS-R can go to DVD, why not TNG-R?

I'll agree that DVD is a dying format, but it's only starting to die. It'll still be around for a while longer. What we are in now is the transition period. So situations like this just frustrate fans like me. I'd love to get all the new shinys, but I can't afford it! I can't even buy the TOS-R DVD's... been checking them out from the library.

Now, after waxing verbose (which is how I roll), my question is: does anybody know if there are any plans? Was it ever announced anywhere (either way)? If it doesn't happen, I'll live, and my stress level will remain intact, but oh how I'd love to see the show I grew up with get its makeover. Hope springs eternal, y'know. : )


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