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Mosaic canon or not?


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While going through the new iPadd App I stumbled upon something, that really made me think. Somewhere in the programm it says, that all information in there is official and canon. In the file of Kathryn Janeway, they say, her birthday is on May 20th, 2335. Her dad died in 2358. According to Jeri Taylors novel, which provided Janeway's background, her sister was twenty-three shortly before the accident. That would mean Phoebe was born in 2335. Since she is four years younger than her sister, Kathryn's year of birth would be in 2331. 

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Mosaic is classed as canon by most fans seeing as it was written by Jeri Taylor...the annoying thing with Star Trek Voyager though is that through out the series it contradicts itself. From season 1 through to the end of season 3 it followed Jeri Taylors background but as soon as she stopped writing for the series they didn't really pay much mind to the facts that were already outlined.....Captain Janeway does not actually have an official year she was born, to my knowledge it was never stated (in the book or the series), although 2335 makes the most sense.

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