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Nods aplenty in new 9 Min Prologue!!!!


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There's lines, characters, dialogue!!! Trust me, if ever there was a time to do Khan and Shatner it's now!

The 9 Mins are being shown in IMAXs, the red alien world is the intro along with Cumberbatch in London.

I wont say any more, but if you loved wiz kid Chekov, he's in it with fitting lines and dialogue, back with Simon Pegg as comic relief complaining about his ship/engines.

Go see it.

Cumberbatches character is not revealed yet


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Apparently the red planet they're on is also a nod to interpretations of the '2012' prophecy (Planet X) (Nibiru)



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Has anyone else seen this? I'd love to hear some thoughts and impressions from those who have gone.


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I'm fairly noob status in star trek but I noticed the (preview spoilers) 'needs of the many' line and the clip where we see kirk and spock's hand on the glass. I also have a question. Is the opening scene with the parents and the girl on planet earth? I thought earth was a utopia and sickness didnt really exist anymore


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Earth was only a Utopia in Roddenberry's post-TOS mind when his "vision" became more important than creating an entertaining product. 


There are always diseases...otherwise there wouldn't be doctors on the show. 


McCoy's dad dies of a horrible disease (Star Trek V). Picard had some syndrome that made his hearing too intense to bear (Star Trek Nemesis)...the list goes on.


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Earth was a "utopia" in that humans stopped warring with each other and unified for the good of mankind. And first contact with the Vulcans (and eventually other species) also helped to accelerate technological development and environmental stewardship. Sadly, death and disease were still an issue.

It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want. - Spock

Transporter Accident

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My big question is: why is the Enterprise under water?  If this society is at the technology level of spear-throwing, they're not going to see it in orbit, and thus will not be contaminated.  I don't get it.


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