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Most Favorite TV Series, Least Favorite TV Series


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What's your most favorite TV series and why? What's your least favorite TV series and why?



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Favorite: DS9/ENT tie. Both series had great, realistic characters and excellent story arcs that stretched across the series, though they still allowed for plenty of episodic adventures as well.

Least favorite: Reserving judgement until I finish TOS.

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Best: TOS. Why? A worldwide classic that inspired 11 motion pictures and 4 spin off series. Millions of fans worldwide. Fanzines, magazines, 100s of novels. All made possible by this one series who's characters and lingo is known worldwide. This may be the best television show in the history of the medium. 


Least favorite: Voyager. Why? Voyager lost focus. It was more about anomalies, time loops, Borg, and technology than about people. I have been trying to watch it start to finish for years, and just can't stay interested enough to get through it. 

Jim Kirk

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I like all trek but if I am to put them in any order....

TOS- Its the orginal, it started it all, and it brings back fond memories

Voyager - I like Janeway and I like the idea of them being on thier own.

Enterprise - I like the idea of seeing how it all started and that they rely on themselves instead of thier technology

DS9 - I like how the Romulans, Klingons, & Fedeartion all join together.  I also like how they show the under dog (Bajorans) get back on thier feet after kicking the Cardassians out of thier territory.

TNG - I like the series but it's always on TV (of course I have to watch it when it's on

TAS - Decent stories but it is a cartoon.

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Please keep in mind that I value each of the Star Trek series.  Each one has its own set of fans.  After all, one of the franchise's greatest strengths is its sense of variety.  But if I had to choose my favorite and least favorite show, it would be as follows:

FAVORITE:  In the lead by quite a ways is my beloved Deep Space Nine.  To me, this show represents the pinnacle of Star Trek.  The diverse cast of characters, consistently well-crafted and thought-provoking stories, impressive production quality, and fully realized setting all come together to form my favorite television show of all time.

LEAST FAVORITE:  Voyager is my least favorite of the five series.  Occasional standout episodes amidst a vast sea of mediocrity.  I think of Voyager as Star Trek's "underachiever."  Don't get me wrong, this show had some fantastic episodes that equaled the best of the other shows, but that does not make up for seven years of poor character development, lack of continuity, and rehashed concepts.


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My order is as follows

1. Deep Space Nine

2. Voyager

3. The Next Generation

4. Enterprise

5. The Original Series

6. The Animated Series

DS9 is my favorite because I feel like it had the best characters and the best stories and came full circle more than the other series did. But I really love and enjoy them all.

TAS is my least favorite not because it's animated, but because it has no beginning and no end, it quite literally jumps in and jumps right back out after 22 episodes. But I enjoy quite a few of those 22 episodes.


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FAVORITE:  In the lead by quite a ways is my beloved Deep Space Nine.  To me, this show represents the pinnacle of Star Trek.  The diverse cast of characters, consistently well-crafted and thought-provoking stories, impressive production quality, and fully realized setting all come together to form my favorite television show of all time.



Amen to that - i couldn't agree more 

Reopen DS9 :)


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Favourite: Deep Space Nine. I love this series with its multitude of complex, larger-than-life, but still ultimately "real" characters, set against a solid but epic background, where the storyline allowed for the geographic, political and historical foundation and also the multifaceted characterisations. Besides that, it's fun to watch.

Least Favourite: For now, Original Series. That's not to say anything against the Original Series -- I still like it very much. But I just like a lot of the others just that little bit better. So I don't want to think that there is anything bad about it in my mind, just because I place it at the bottom of my list. Something has to go there, that's all.


Animated series -- is exempt from my personal list for no other reason than that I have seen so little (almost nothing) of it.

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I don't really consider TAS to be canon, because Gene Roddenberry discounted it. But it's still enjoyable. I consider the others to all be one timeline, so that negates having a personal favorite show. I love them all.


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Favourite: DS9

Least favourite: I would say Voyager. I like it, but it's just not as good as the other ones.

DS9 RULES!!!!!


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Favorite DS9: My man Sisko and loved how dark the show was.

Least TOS: I've seen a few episodes this past year and they’re wack. Could barely get through them.


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What a soul searching question! I would normally say TNG without a thought... But I HAVE to give DS9 it's due. Although my heart is and will probably always be with TNG, I think DS9 is overall a better show. Don't tell Picard!

Least, that I have seen would be Enterprise. I tried so hard to get into it, it just sucked too much.


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Favorite: DS9 deep stories well-developed characters each having a strong background story. DS9 covers such controversial topics as religion and politics which makes it relatable because these are issues we try to wrestle with in our lives. 


Least: Enterprise. ugh, Awful story writing. I started out liking the characters which weren't too bad (minus T'Pol) but everything went down hill and the writers had the absurd idea of trying to recreat the triangle relationship of TOS by focusing mainly on Archer, Trip and T'Pol. There was potential, they did not need to call the ship or show Enterprise, they could have explored the story of the romulan war and further explored the relationship with the klingons. The story with the sulibans was okay but they let that story hang off a cliff never concluding it and we never learnt whom exactly was the silhoutte man issuing orders. Instead we were treated to a disaster season of the xindi and all of a sudden Archer is the savior of not only our galaxy but the planet vulcan also. Sorry Enterprise fans but I laugh at how even though we all dislike the season finale somehow fans think Terra Prime was an incredibly awesome show which would have sealed Enterprise very well. I just feel bad for the actors who were really happy to be on star trek only for it to go up in flames. At least there was justice for most star trek fans who slighted and slapped in the face by that show.

I recently tried watching the series premier of Enterprise and it was just too painful to watch that I could not continue to the second part. Apparently I need another two decades before I can bare to watch it.

D. Cottingham

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For me it goes:






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