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Star Trek Voyager Film???


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"We can assume their futures, but it is not the same in my opinion."

Gotta say I concur!

So many storylines left untouched and unresolved at the end of "Endgame".

Icheb, Tom and B'elana's daughter, Seven and Chakotay's relationship, Tom's relationship with his old man, Tuvok's illness...

It strikes me, that there's plenty of scope for a producer with an ounce of imagination to bring the younger characters from TNG (Worf's son Alexander, Wesley crusher), DS9 (Molly O'Brien, Nog, Jake Sisko) and those from Voyager together in a movie that could tie the loose ends that revolve around the characters we came to know and love together, as well as continue the Star Trek saga into another generation!! The ages of the young actors who played the above youngsters in TNG, DS9 and Voyager would be about right...

The problem it seems - just as it is for the real space exploration program, is that caution in the face of fiscal responsibility is far more important than the resolve to attain something that might just be a risk, despite the payoff if it comes off.

It's a good thing I lived through a period when people of vision took the risk to go to the moon. If NASA was administered by the bean counters who call the shots these days, they'd have never gone and shows like Star Trek would have been viewed in quite a different light.


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I think a mini-series is in order.  Maybe 6 – 9 episodes.  Something that could fit into a mid-season replacement, but at the same time is a complete story with a beginning and an ending.  Sort of a dip your toes back into the water event.

First of all I want to say that I did like the movie that came out in 2009 but it was seriously flawed.  Nevertheless, I believe from a financial point of view, this is what the studio wanted in order to re-invigorate the series.  Not my favorite cup of tea, but it is what it is.  Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the story-line being an alternate reality, it is therefore conceivable that our reality still exists. (TOS, TNG, DS9, & VOY as they were)  It is then within this concept that the miniseries would exist.

The show would include that idea that time has passed since Voyager’s return to the Alpha Quadrant, and also the breakup of the Enterprise crew as we knew them.  What could be done is to incorporate all of the characters that we knew from each series (TNG, DS9 & VOY) and co-mingle them with each other (as they would in real life) and place them together.  (I.e., Making Riker Captain and having a Lt. Commander Tom Paris.) Something to that effect.  Now that combination doesn’t have to be exactly the case as implied but you get the point that we would co-mingle the cast rather than keeping them confined to the original line-ups in their respective shows.  This way it allows for some growth.

Next, the question becomes what is the plot of the story?  Well, rather than beating the viewers to death with the borg, I would rather use a species whom many have forgotten but at the same time have the same ability to appear in the Alpha quadrant.  The Vodwaar.  Yes the Vodwaar those pesky marauding pirates of the 15th century (do the math) who plundered and threatened the Delta quadrant when the Borg were just a mere colony of Terminator wannabees.   

As you might recall the Vodwaar were capable of using subspace corridors to travel throughout the galaxy.  Previously in the past the Vodwaar may have travelled to the Alpha quadrant but found nothing of value there because of our less advanced state of existence.  However, now (after their encounter with Voyager) it is feasible that they might have re-colonized on a planet in the Alpha quadrant in the hopes of quietly restoring themselves.  Also there is no reason to not think that they might have gone back for more of their compatriots after a small period of time.  Considering that the enemy species couldn’t monitor every corridor and also that they couldn’t receive sensor readings through the radioactive decay in the atmosphere.  Therefore, it is possible that the Vodwaar are or could be a growing threat in the Alpha quadrant.

If anyone at Paramount does read these posts I would be happy to share more of my thoughts on this.


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Make a Voyager movie where they get lost in the Beta Quadrant this time instead of the Delta Quadrant . Make Harry Kim a Lt. Commander , Seven of Nine a Science officer . give them two or 3 sequels to get back to the alpha quadrant again .


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Voyager alone would not be a good chice for a theatre release. Tv movie or direct to video would work cause all of us would check it out.

the ending of Voy was decent but I agree there should have been some time showing the REAL aftermath of when they got home.



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I'd love it, but no, I don't think there is a market..



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Had there been a Voyager movie the path it would take is clear. Something awesome or blatantly absurd would happen, the entire event would then slog through a swamp of escalating technobabble and in the end it would turn out that none of it really happened in the first place. The credits would just be 10 minutes of Chokotay reading actor names and speculating about how they relate to his useless spirit totem.

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Species 8472, guys, Species 8472. Does anybody remember they were planning an invasion?

There were plenty of that training camps..what if Boothby didn't convince his friends to give up?
 the way, I miss them so much! TT________TT

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