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VOTE for your favorite song about The Trouble With Tribbles!


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Report this Dec. 08 2012, 11:31 am

Five Year Mission is a band that is writing a song for EVERY episode of STAR TREK.

When we got to The Trouble With Tribbles, we started fighting over who would get to write that one!  We decided that the only way to make it fair would be for all of the band members to write their own version of The Trouble With Tribbles. 
Now, the only problem is we can't decide which one to put on Year Three! 

So we are asking YOU to help us decide! 

Go to our website at and listen to all 5 songs and then vote for your favorite!

Voting ends on December 22 and we will announce the winning song after that!


I am a member of the band FIVE YEAR MISSION. We are a group of musicians who's purpose is to write a song for every episode of Star Trek. visit our website at: Http:// you will not be disappointed!

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