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Star Trek Cosette - Bringing back The Original Series


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Star Trek Cosette - Bringing back The Original Series

The year is 2267, the Golden Age of exploration for The United Federation of Planets. The USS Enterprise is well into its third year of exploration and many more starships are now heading away from the familiar space of The Federation to explore strange new worlds and boldly go where no man has gone before. Starfleet's Constitution Class ships were known across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and were often feared by the Klingon's and Romulans. They were known for their formidable abilities in battle and their fast warp drive systems. Starfleet saw the Constitution Class ships as their first long range deep space exploration vessel and therefore the class became a common sight around Federation space.

Originally built in 2250 the USS Cosette has had a colourful history. Commander Isabella Shapiro gained command of the vessel after Captain Thomas Hamilton, who commanded the ship from 2255 to 2267 unfortunately passed away due to natural causes. Therefore the ship was passed onto the next officer in line. Instead of assigning a new captain Starfleet are putting the Cosette into the hands of Starfleet's first female commanding officer, hoping it will show a new side to Starfleet's command tract.

Come and join the USS Cosette. Its time to get back to Star Trek's roots and foundations. This is a TOS sim, so be prepared for loud tricorders, old fashioned flick switches, rocker switches, turbolifts with handles and of course not forgetting the old warp scale! We are a play by NOVA simulation which involves writing directly to the site using the sites internal systems.

Join the Cosette today for a totally new Star Trek Simming experience!

"Boldly go where no man has gone before" - Captain James T Kirk


"A stranger is a friend we just haven't met yet" - Captain Kathryn Janeway. Just One Serious Star Trek Simmer. | USS Cosette - | USS Zachary - | USS Relentless -

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