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A possible new threat to your privacy when using a pc


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Report this Dec. 05 2012, 3:32 pm

A new backdoor into your PC that hackers can exploit


In the search programs and files type in Location and Sensors.

There is a function that allows hackers and network monitors to breach your privacy through the programs that you use thus spying on what you are doing even if you are not using a program.

For example if you recently wrote a journal entry using Word saved it and have opened it since a hacker or network monitor or monitoring program can access your PC through such a sensor and data mine what you have written.

Take precautions on protecting yourself America.

Does anyone else have any knowledge of the Sensor process of Microsoft OS 7 and higher?


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This shouldn’t be an issue if you update your virus and malware protections every day. Plus its also a good thing to have am anti-key logger thingy too.

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It's not a backdoor, nor is it a virus/trojan.


By default, it's turned off and only available if you install a sensor.


If you want to check for yourself, follow the first four instructions:

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