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Time & distance


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 Just curious if there is actually a difference in the amount of time the crew experiences when taken from the Alpha quadrant to the Delta quadrant and the amount of time that passes on Earth. My apologies if this has already been answered somewhere, and I just didn't notice. I just realized that the crew speaks of what they have 'back home,' but never mentions a time difference. Thanx!



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I don't think there should be. Time seems to run constant all throughout the universe. So even though a day on Bajor is 26 hours and Earth has 24, the dominion war happened at the same time. There was no delay for one place.

Even though they were far from earth, they still were experiencing the same time as earth.

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A differene of time would only apply to sublight speeds. As they all travel at warp(or transwarp) speeds (and in the case of Voyager, getting a 'push' from Kes) It is several years before they return to the Alpha quadrant (via a transwarp conduit if memory serves).

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