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Season 2, Episode 13 "Dawn"


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Ok, so Trip and this alien are stranded on this planet that keeps getting hotter and hotter, and they're both going to die of heat exposure and dehydration if they don't get rescued soon. Capt Archer wants to use the transporter to retrieve Trip, but Trip won't leave the alien behind. 


Here's my question.


If they could beam Trip UP, why couldn't they beam supplies DOWN, such as ..umm, water, and shade implements? Maybe I missed it and something was wrong with the transporter making it a one way trip only?




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I have noticed that in a lot of Star Trek Enterprise episodes, there were times when they could have used the transporter, but did not. 


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During the first and second seasons they were not yet sure or comfortable using the transporter. In later seasons they began beaming in and out for the sole purpose of moving the story along faster. As far as beaming down supplys; well then we would not have had such a great episode to tell. I enjoyed watching the evolution of first cantact in "Dawn".


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