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Maybe we do have a new TV series -- its just not in production


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Report this Dec. 02 2012, 10:45 pm

It seems to me that the relaunch and Typhon Pact novels keep getting better.  I mean that in the sense of having greater consistency and cohesion in the overall story and character development, despite being written by several different authors.  They could be the basis of a new series centered more on the Federation itself rather than solely one ship or station and crew. 

And there'd be something for everyone - VOY, TNG and DS9 fans, even periodic appearances by Spock, Scotty and maybe McCoy.  But there'd still be enough new characters to keep it interesting.  And it would be anchored in the original timeline.  Let the movies stay in the alternate timeline, and let a cable channel or independent station develop a regular or limited series, or mini series based on the books.  A lot of the creative work has already been done.

Think it would succeed?

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