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Klingon Word of the Day


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Report this Dec. 02 2012, 4:30 pm

Most people will never learn enough Klingon to speak it fluently, or read it in the original Shakespeare. However, if one is a Trekkie, or considers themself functioning in the realm of geeks, then learning even just a little Klingon, or what I would call "Klinglish," could be fun.

Am starting to post "Klingon Word of the Day," on Youtube at the user name "ClearLight23."

All KlingonWOTD videos will be less than 30 seconds long, since time in life is at a premium.

Also, can be found on Tumblr at the tag:  #klingonwotd

If you want them in your regular Tumblr feed, you can subscribe to my page, but I also post stuff outside the Star Trek realm there, so check the archive first to see if it fits your taste. Primarily sci-fi, gaming, art, vintage, books. SFW 99% of the time (and never, ever any porn.)

Thanks, and enjoy!


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