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Star Trek Convention DVDs


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Hello everybody, 

this is Anne from Germany writing. I was wondering if you all are interested more in ST films and stories or if you are interested in the actors as well. For if you are interested in the actors and what they tell about shooting films and series maybe this could be interesting for you. 

There is a convention in Germany called FedCon which started as Star Trek convention, now is a scifi convention which still focuses on ST but is open for other scifi shows.

I am part of the filmcrew at the convention, we are producing a DVD each convention but we do it unsalaried, "from fans for fans". Means none of us is earning money, the money we're taking for the DVDs completely goes into renting equipment, travel expenses, catering, postproduction and the pressing of the DVD. However the DVD is of good quality for most of the crewmembers are professionals and are working at this project just for fun - and for the fans of course. So I hope this topic isn't being deleted as it is kind of advertisement. Yes, it is, but it isn't commercial at all. 

I thought maybe some of you are interested in listening to some Star Trek actors. Or even actors from other shows like Stargate or Battlestar Galactica or whatelse. They tell stories, trivia or practical jokes, some are even singing
Here you can have a look at how it looks like, a short video of a part of the closing ceremonies with Michael Dorn (Worf) and Terry Farrell (Dax):

There are even more clips to watch if you like, just watch out for FedCon videos here: (there are some from other conventions as well). 

And if I could convince you about this, we would be very happy if you order one or two of our DVDs. You can do this here: 


And last but not least a list of which ST actors you can find on the DVDs:
Kate Mulgrew
Jonathan Frakes
Avery Brooks
Robert O'Reilly
J.G. Hertzler
Garrett Wang
Armin Shimerman
Suzie Plakson
Cirroc Lofton
Anthony Montgomery
Brent Spiner
Marina Sirtis
LeVar Burton
Rene Auberjonois
John de Lancie
William Morgan Sheppard
Nichelle Nichols
John Billingsley
Robert Picardo
Nana Visitor
Connor Trinneer
Dominic Keating
Mark Sheppard
Marc Alaimo
Jeffrey Combs
Max Grodénchik
Michael Dorn
Terry Farrell
Martha Hackett
Chase Masterson
Manu Intiraymi
Scott Bakula
Wil Wheaton
Robert Duncan McNeill
Marina Sirtis
Nicole de Boer
Arlene Martel
Kate Vernon
Carel Struycken
Patrick Stewart
Daniel Stewart
William Shatner
Gates McFadden
Walter Koenig
Keith Szarabajka
Erick Avari
Eddie Paskey 

Of course there are many more actors like Richard Dean Anderson or Dirk Benedict on it. And if you are also into Lord of the Rings, Fantasy or Vampires - there are conventions for it as well with DVDs. Just have a look  


So, thank you for reading, have a nice day  

And have a look on our website, - thank you very much! 
(and btw if you buy more than two DVDs we have special offers, just ask for it)  

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