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Chakotay and Seven?


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Well, it is a relationship that was created very quickly and I do not think it was a good fit at all....I don't like Chakotay as a character, it just seems he lacks the intelligence needed. Opinions?

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I never liked Chakotay either so I don't think they make a good couple. 


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Chakotay was the best choice out of the male main-characters I guess. At least he wasn't ugly like Neelix and Tom Paris who also got girlfriends that were main-characters.




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Tom Paris was cute!! Chakotay looked like he got punched in the face too many times

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I think chakotay and seven made a decent couple. I mean think about they started out as two people who walked or in seven's case taken, away from their heritage. They both have been reevaluating their stances in their cultures. I see it as natural because Chakotay and Seven are among the few who had failed relationships. Hence they made the perfect pair in my case. Wished they continued their relationship in the novels following Voyager's return.


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Chakotay/Seven was always so odd to me, just because it seemed rather rushed together. I always believed that Janeway should have goten with Chakotay cos it seemed to me as though all the previous series had been building up to that but yeah. That's just my opinion. Shouldn't have happened, weird pairing in the first place (nothing in common, perhaps?)


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I suppose it would not have been so bad if they didn't rush it so much....if they worked up to it through out the whole of season seven at least that would of helped....but I just don't like the way they wrote for Chakotay, they screwed him over after season three.....

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Chakotay, as has so often been expressed on these boards, was one of the worst main characters of the Federation. The actor, who had been in comedy B-movie classics, such as Eating Raoul and The Class Struggle of Beverly Hills, was a poor choice for this series. Nothing against him personally, but I never thought his acting fit the Star Trek universe.


With regard to being a relationship with Seven, I simply could never forgive this. I suppose I am just too big of a fan of the Doctor, and in season five when he is teaching Seven how to date, I always thought that their pairing would have been the only one that would have made any sense. Not that it should have happened... but better for Seven not to be with any characters romantically if she was not going to be with the "Henry Higgins" Doctor as his "Eliza Doolittle"!


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Worst Conceived Relationship in Star Trek.

It may have been different if they slowly built the relationship at least a season before the last. But they threw the whole idea at the viewers in one show and expected viewers to find it believable for the rest of shows of that season.



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I think Chakotay and Seven are not such a good couple. I think Janeway and Chakotay would make a good couple. But in Shattered, Chakotay tells Janeway that some barriers they never broke. Who knows what he really wanted to say.


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I love Chakotay! He is one of my favorite characters from star trek ever! I also LOVED 7 but as soon as they started pushing that relationship I began to hate her 

I shipped Chakotay and Kathryn and thats that. I may have gotten use to 7/C but it was WAY too rushed :/

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I think Chakotay should have pushed a relationship with Janeway more. They had such perfect chemistry and they practically knew what the other was thinking. I think, dare I say, Seven and Kim would have made a good couple. They both had so much to teach each other, and I also like the way Harry got all flustered around her.


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Absolutely NOT.


I always believed Chakotay and Janeway would have made a better couple.

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Well, on the surface, I don't think so. But, once you get passed the initial "Wait, What?" Reaction, it does kind of make some sense. The two characters balance each other out. Seven brings a sense of stabilty and logic to Chakotay, while he teaches her to use gut reactions and a sense of spontinaity. Although, I must admit, I have never been too big a fan of Chakotay. I always wanted Seven to end up with the Doctor...but alas, it never happened!


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I do not think Chakotay and Seven were good together! I always found it odd how they rarely talked before the end of season 7 and then they were suddenly together! I also think that since Seven had just been severed from the colective mear years ago she was still very unadapted to human culture. I don't like them together, but more than that I think from an objective point of view its just strange and wouldn't have worked. I do respect those who ship them together, though!

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