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Chakotay and Seven?


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Fans don't always get what they want, but if they try sometimes; they get what they need...


If fans don't get what they want, they move on. C/7 cost the franchise viewers. As for realism, Voyager wasn't that realistic. But that's one of the things I liked about the show. You knew they were going to triumph and survive - every week. It was entertainment and escapism. So, if J/C getting together in the end was a "fairytale ending" - so what? It's tv and entertainment. But even if they didn't, the point is that C/7 was a total disregard of the major shippers of the time. That's how shows like Trek end up off air. If they were consciously trying to do an ending to please every viewer, because they valued the loyalty of every fan, then they would not have paired Chakotay or Janeway with someone else knowing the huge following J/C had (and still does have).

I personally believe that C/7 was more "fairytale" like than J/C, anyway. Seven wants Chakotay, in so many ways her "first love", and she gets him, even though he had loved Janeway for years. Then we have to endure these soppy scenes with flowers and picnics. This is more unrealistic than two people who had long cared for each other getting together when circumstance allowed.  J/C would not even have had to kiss for us to understand they were going to have a future together. The backdrop had been done so well that it could merely be implied - for instance, just by a look or a hand hold.

For me, not only was C/7 unrealistic but it also damages Chakotay's character. Seven was an emotionally immature woman who was just starting to know herself. Yes, she is sexy, but part of what made her character unique was the paradox that she was sexy but effectively asexual. For a man twice her age, the ship's First Officer no less, to take advantage of her "crush" was morally questionable, even if the producers did try to make it respectable by their "future marriage". It also gives the message that the recovery of one's humanity is ultimately defined by a romantic relationship. Yes, the relationship could have worked if it had been built up, but it came out of nowhere, at least on Chakotay's part, and I was very disappointed by it. All the characters deserved better IMO.


Well said, Starlisa (I definitely agree on the 'yuck' factor when it comes to flowers and picnics. Good grief.)

As a lot of you said, the Seven/Chakotay thing did feel hurried. Maybe when I rewatch the later seasons, it won't feel so rushed since I know it's coming, but still.

Personally, I tend to resent, or rather resist, romantic entaglements (not just in ST, but other shows/movies as well) as it often clutters the plot, or else I just feel dissatisfied in some way by the couplings, particularly in this case. Maybe it's because I wasn't banans over Chakotay in the first place, or because Janeway/Seven seemed a more logical pairing. Unfortunately, though, ST doesn't have any gay characters, which in my humble opinion is really one of the only major flaws of the ST mythology (by the twenty-fourth century, particularly with ST's near-constant optimism and egalitarianism, I'd assume people would have gotten over that queer little hump).I know Janeway was involved with that Mark fellow before, so I'm not trying to say anything about her, or Seven's sexuality either way; I only mean that it would have seemed a natural conclusion to their relationship up until that point, you know?

Either way, though, pairing Seven with anybody (particularly Chakotay) seemed weird, if only because she still seemed too 'new' to this whole human experience thingy...






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It was odd to me. The whole thing was rushed. True He would have helped Seven fit in faster, help her emotionally, he is a good person but, to me it felt more like a father figure than a romantic partner, specially since they never had chemistry nor much connection from the very beginning. 


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They were an ok couple but Janeway and Chakotay would have made an adorable couple

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I'm pretty sure a majority of viewers that gave a crap about the relationships on the show fell into three categories when it came to these characters:

1. Seven and The Doctor

2. Chakotay and Janeway

3. Janeway and Seven (my favourite!)

The fact that the writers even came up with C/7 is a crock....they could have atleast made a group of us happy damn it! lol....I'll step off my soap box now



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They should have hooked Seven up with harry

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In my opinion, this wasn't the best idea the writers had. As some mentioned before, it was kind of rushed into. Nothing before and here we are, couple in deepest imaginalble love. I think Seven and Harry would have made up a better couple.


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Cal me Crazy but I ever thought Seven would go in a relationship with Harry Kim! Yes! Why not? He tried to be friends with her and he was dreaming about her (Waking Moments, S4/E13) and this was very very cute!

I myself loved the character of Seven of Nine more than all the other female characters! She gave a NEW POWER to Voyager and I always wanted to see Chakotay to be the Next Captain of the Voyager in a never happend 2.nd Series (my Idea: "Star Trek Voyager 2: The New Millennium" [made 2003-2009, 7 Seasons, Voyager with a new Crew after "Endgame" and they returned back to save Species 8472...) but back to the topic!


I say NO, I didn't liked the relationship between Seven and Chakotay! I wanted to see her re-transforming to a normally Human Female and beeing in Love with Harry Kim at the End!


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I didn't mind it.  After all, he HATED her at first, and the most loving and intimate relationships sometimes come from such a rocky start (Hello Trip and T'Pol, Rhett and Scarlett).  


Anyhoo, that's my nickel's worth.


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I feel like Chakotay looked like a tebby bear whenever he smiled, so you could never take him seriously, but whatever. He seemed like a totally flat character by most standards. But I can't say I would have picked anyone else for Seven to have a relationship with (sorry Harry). So from a writer's standpoint, they did well. But honestly, I don't think the relationship worked. Seven, in my humble opinion, doesn't need a romantic relationship (as beautiful as she is, her character is the least romantic on the whole ship).


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Absolutely NOT.


I always believed Chakotay and Janeway would have made a better couple.



I really don't think that Janeway should ever have been allowed to have a relationship, with anyone. Kate Mulgrew herself pointed out that if Janeway and Chakotay are making out all the time, who the heck is flying the ship? Harry Kim (no offence Ensign)?


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I like both characters individually but I agree that Chakotay and Seven are not a well match couple. This is the one thing that I hated about the series. This relationship got threw at you at the end of the series and then in "Endgame" he dies from a broken heart over Seven's loss. Blah. I am sorry but Chakotay and Janeway should have ended up together. They hinted at it so much in the series that it was extremely disappointing when they ended it the way they did.


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Thw whole thing was really random if you ask me


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NO He and Seven hardly even talked as friends before that. It was too random and honestly I dont think Chakotays character was very well written.


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I think Chakotay was a little too connected to the Earth for seven. She was an individual that did not have that much attachment to objects or places. He was odd and she was perfect. He was Maquis, an rebel. She followed orders and was extremely loyal to the captain. They would have never been good.


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They had the Harry idea, why didn't they stick with it. Maybe because it was like at exactly the same time as Tom and B'Elanna, but still, Chakotay was not the one she should have been with. Somehow, she should been with Axum.

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