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Create your own Star Trek Universe using Homeworld Complex Modding tools


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If you are interested in learning how to take your favorite Star Trek Book or Novel or even your own Star Trek based story and turn it into a playable game head on over to Homeworld:Complex.

Homeworld is one of the first Real Time Strategy games that came online in 1999 setting a new standard for RTS.

This however great in and of itself however has been overshadowed with the ability for gamers to create their own Homeworld version through the use of modding tools.

What really sets Homeworld apart from the rest is that you can add your own models of your design into the game itself thus creating or recreating your favorite book or novel or your own Trek based story into a game.

The great thing about this modding platform is that all of the tools are free. Even the moddling programs and graphic editors are free because modding for Homeworld is free as long as you do not try to make money off of the endeavour.

So if you have ever wanted to take a favorite novel or Trek story to the next level to create a RTS out of head on over to Homeworld: Complex where you can learn how to create your story in an RTS environment.

Sound to hard?

Not really because there are alot of tutorials located on the Relic Forums the Internet in general and the Homeworld:Complex website that walk you through the entire process of texturing a model, to adding scripts to make the model perform actions as well as being able to create your very own maps based upon the stories backgrounds.

So if you are looking for a project this winter get some of your Trek Friends together along with those nerdy computer geeks from school who love doing things such as code scripting and 3D Modeling and build that story from your favorite Trek Book into a playable mod.

Remember all of these tools are free to use as well as you being able to freely create such mods.


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