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news about mercury heats up


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NASA has allegedly found organic material on Mercury!,0,6030552.story

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This a great find by NASA.

Even though Mercury is very close to the Sun and its hot side would be unable to be colonized with modern technology the areas where the ice is located however would be able to be colonized.

Because of the way that Mercury rotates the ice fields do not receive direct sunlight for long thus allowing them to remain frozen. If this did not occur then the ice fields would have melted billions of years ago.

This means that humans can survive in the areas where the ice fields are located because the ice has survived for this long.

Sending an expedition to the surface of Mercury to test mechanical and technological systems to be able to withstand the environment is the first step NASA needs to take with regards to Mercury.

If the equipment and technology can withstand the environment then humans encapsulated by such equipment and technology would also be able to withstand the environment on Mercury.

Mercury at its closest distance to Earth is 48 million miles and 138 million miles at its farthest.

Mars at is closet distance to Earth occurs every two to three years and averages out to 51.1 million miles.

Mercury on average is 57 million miles from Earth.

I hope I have used the correct formula to achieve the correct result.

Using Right Triangle Calculations I have been able to determine that when Mars and Mercury are at their closest distances to Earth that the distance between Mars and Mercury is 25.25 million miles.

On average however Mars is 140 million miles from Earth and Mercury is 48 million miles from Earth.

Using the velocity of VASIMR's VX-200 I have calculated that it would take a spacecraft powered by the VX-200 94 days to travel from Mars to Mercury when Mars and Mercury are at their closest distance to Earth.

This relationship only considers that Mars and Mercury would be at their closest distance to each other when both are at their closest distance from Earth within the same time frame.

This formula has been used to establish a trade route between all three planets where if something needed to be sent to Mercury then the outposts on Mars would be better suited to assist.


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