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When events in the reboot timeline have different results from the other time lines... the Doomsday Machine is not stopped by the Federation and a huge swipe of destroyed star systems is the result... it begins to dawn on the scientific community that time travel is not so much travel between timelines but between universes. And displaced time travelers (universe travelers) are the detriment of the universe they invade.

In short, the Federation is out for Spock Prime's blood. The New Vulcan colonists were not too happy with the hell his arrival brought down on their home world. Vulcan logic and stoicism swiftly gave way to ugly bigotry aimed at Prime who they blamed for the destruction of their world and despite thbeirt best efforts quite possibly their culture. Cooler heads prevailed in the Starfleet end of things. Prime was provided sanctuary on the remote world Vega Orion. A science lab more like a base akin to the old Earth Area 51 shrouded in mystery and secrecy. 

Starfleet had an alterior motive in providing him sanctuary. Prime was from the future. Some one hundred thirty years into the future and the lust for even the most suble information he had in his head was too enticing for the science and military communities to pass up. It was all very subtle. Spock was given every freedom and courtesy... until he mentioned leaving for a time to visit the New Vulcan colonies.

Sargon was a Vulcan friend of contemporary Spock. His bloodline was what Terrans would call a first cousin twice removed. Spock's parentage made it so that an open friendship was out of the question as the two grew up. When Prime came to the New Colonies to offer his assistance, Sargon made contact with him and the two became good friends... out of public notice. When Prime was ousted from the colonies, this stealthy relationship bercame all the more valuable. For Prime could contact Sargon on secure channels to aid in the Vulcan relocation / expansion from afar. But Sargon's communiques stopped coming to Vega Orion, and Prime naturally wanted to go to investigate. 

"So," Prime said with cocked eyebrow, "I am actually a prisoner of Vega Orion."

Governor Wallace stood with his hands folded behind his back and only looked down to the floor and cleared his throat gently. What could he say? Prime was right.






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Jim Kirk had a peculiar program running on his personal computer pad in his quarters. He was tracking down a friend he met who had joined the marquis, or was rumored to have. The two had set up a what essentialy was a blank mail box in subspace comfleet to be pinged continuously until the other checked it... if they were trying to contact one another. The reason Captain Kirk was going off grid in this fashion was to locate Spock Prime who had gone missing a year earlier. He knew Starfleet channels would be useless. He suspected Starfleet or some Federation beaurocrisy would be the culprit behind his mysterious vanishing act. And he wanted to personally assure that Prime was a willing guest wherever he was. Prime saved Kirk's life, and he owed him that much... at least. And besides, there was no denying that comradery he spoke of between himself and the Jim Kirk of his timeline. In a strange way, this Jim Kirk felt it too.

"Captain's log, stardate 2127.2... Enterprise is layiong over st Starbase 18 for resupply and personnel transfers. I was surprised to have a visit request from Fleet Captain Pike, who last I heard was stationed at Star Feet Command. Still I look forward to seeing him again today."

Chris Pike's form materialized on the transporter platform with Kirk standing ready to greet him. "Permission to come aboard, Captain."

"Welcome, Captain. Welcome." They shook hands.

"I only have a moment to talk, Jim. My shuttle is preparing to warp out to meet the Lexington shortly."

"Okay. What's the matter?"

"Starfleet wants to transfer the flag ship status to the Lexington."

"Alright. She is the newest ship in the fleet." Jim said.

"Yeah, it's not that simple."

Kirk scratched the back of his head.

"What you and the crew did with Nero is of epic proportions saving Earth and perhaps all Federation member planets...."

"But..." Kirk said.

"One thing most species have in common is short memories, Jim. Now subspace chatter is filled with Captain Babe muses and USS Nursery."

"I am not oblivious to these things, Chris. The requests to transfer from tthe ship are quite high. I got to the bottom of why a long time ago. I figured if anyone of my crew does not want to be here we are better off without them. The universe is a dangerous place. And we need more than just bodies filling positions. We need men and women wwe can all count on."

"The thing is, Captain, Starfleet Command is bowing to the pressure. And that is why the transfer of flagship to the Lex. "

"For a moment I thought you were going to say they are revoking my aqppointment to command. Let them move the flag."

"Jim your relief from command was a serious consideration."

"Thank you, Chris. I know you must have twisted arms to prevent that from happening."

"Not everyone believes in you like I do. Best I could do was keeping your command. To counter, Starfleet is assigning Enterprise and crew duty out in the outer rim territories in five years cycles."

"A job's a job."

"In the inner circle Starfleet is more or less a policing agency. Out there you will be military and peace keeping for Federation interests."

"Looking forward to it, Captain."










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Spock served his host family breakfast along with his travel companion Uhura. The two had taken leave from the ship to assist in the Vulcan relocation expansion, and had just received the recall to ship communique the day before. Stonn and V'ridice were pleased at the morning cusine Spock and the talented Uhura made for them. Stonn gave Spock the usual greeting.

"My dear host, I must take my leave in two days along with my travel companion. My ship has issued a recall."

"Understandable. Your presence here has been gratifying and your companion far more charming than is generally believed Earthers to be."

Insulted, yet unwilling to reveal it, Spock simply noidded.

Noyota later helped him clean the dishes. "Did you read the whole communique?"

"I did."

"Enterprise is going to the outer rim?"


"That means we cannot come here for... years..."

"At least five years."

"How will we assist Vulcan?"

Spock did not reply.


"I intend to resign my commission from Starfleet effective immediately and to forge a residence near here."

Uhura's eyes narrowed. "And when were you going to tell me about this?"


"I don't believe this," she said bringing the plate she was drying down hard on the counter. The crash did not shatter the plate but it did shatter the peace and quiet most Vulcan dwellings insisted upon. In the other room Vulcan eyes met in a sneer thinking 'this is the kind of behavior expected of earthers.'

"You must go to the ship."

"I can resign too you know."

"But you cannot help Vulcans rebuild their world. Even I am looked upon as an outsider... but I can help."

"I'll never forgive you for this..."




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