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Did you ever convert somebody to Trekdom?

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Created by: Hugues


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I have been a Trekkie as long as i remember. I got married a few years ago. My wife never saw star Trek. When i bought the DVD's my wife started to watch it together with me. At first she did not like/get it, but a few months later she started to love/get it. We even did go together to the Las Vegas convention last year (from Belgium). Any similar stories?

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Two of my friends. Well, one more than the other.

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I think I've converted a couple of guys to Trekdom, after they saw the Star Trek TNG Technical Manual for the Enterprise-D.  They were understandably impressed!

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Yes! a couple friends!

Still working on my boyfriend though.. he is a


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I do not believe it is possible tp MAKE or CONVERT a fan. I believe all we can do is help someone along their journey. They have to like it first, then we can guid them through the ST universe.

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i am a teacher so when my class is finished with there work we watch the origanal series episodes ^^

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No, I have tried but no luck.

I even failed to get my kids into it. again no luck

Maybe it's better, when I put trek on I can be alone.

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Yeah I totally converted my best friend into becoming a Trek fan. But it's a very unique story because he and I have never met eachother in person lol

He lives in New York, and I'm from Alabama. I've been a huge fan since I was young, and he had barely heard of Trek, but is a big fan of many other tv series, he and I met on a 24 message board one day, and just started talking more and more, and that friendship just really grew over time. And over time I finally got him to try Trek, although his initial reaction was and I quote "There's no way in hell I'm watching that!" He at first thought it would just be really bad writing, really bad acting, just bad all the way around.

So for that reason, and because he was much more into modern stuff, I started him on Enterprise. Seemed to be the best place to start, chronologically before TOS, and the most recent series. Well he wound up loving Enterprise! It was a shaky start, but after he finished Season 1, he really liked it and wanted to see Season 2. I've guided him through Trek in it's complete chronological sequence, he is now currently about to begin Season 4 of DS9 and Season 2 of Voyager. So far TNG is his favorite series and Generations his favorite film, but Season 3 of Enterprise has remained his favorite season.

This was really my only successful attempt to get a friend into Star Trek, and it has really been a great experience.

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