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Lame villains


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For me so far the Binars are winning

31 operative

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The Pakleds.


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Bynars, Kazon, Son'a.

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The Bynars were working in pairs and were a smart race, the Kazon looked like they all needed a bath/shower othter than that they were a formatable race with great weapons and speed, I don't remember much about the Son'a but I do think the Pakleds were a lame race they didn't know much except on how to steal tecnology from other races and try to intergrate it into their own systems I love the Romulans, Ferengi, Vulcans, Klingons, Cardassions, Betozoids, and a few others but I never really got the idea for the pakleds except to make up time for the show


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There could be people like the Pakleds, but word about their deceptions would soon get around, so they wouldn't be able to operate like that forever.

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the Pakleds were just annoying and I think you see them again in a leter ep. the binars were not really villians.

The Kazon! oh geez they were the worst villians ever! I dunno how Voy milked them that long and in the end threw a cardassian into the fold to improve the villiany.

Son'a were bad too. I still wonder how they were selected to be in a movie, its a movie!! bring the big game for that.



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Quote: stunned4life @ Jan. 02 2013, 9:20 am


>the Pakleds were just annoying and I think you see them again in a leter ep. the binars were not really villians.


Yes and no.  The Pakled were only used in that 1 episode of TNG, but were featured in several DS9 episodes are filler for various scenes.  I do not recall any dialog involving them, but they are in several scenes.

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The Pakleds.


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Honestly, I found Lore to be very lame.

"Evil Twin Brother," what typical T.V. tripe!
And the first time we met him, especially ...
oh! Got to give him a facial twitch, to set him
apart from OUR Data, I mean ... how obvious and
stupid is that? I understand Brent was stuck in
that makeup, all day, and that Data's very loved.
I get it. But Lore was lame. Almost as much as B4 ... 

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