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LT. Nolan

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Report this Nov. 28 2012, 1:23 pm

Hello, fellow fans of Star Trek.

First, allow me to introduce myself. I've loved Trek for ages, and as an actor even had the honor of performing (in a humble but important capacity) on the shows. (

I don't normally announce myself or use my involvement in this way, but this time I'm calling on my fellow Trekkers for help. I apologise to everyone here if this is an inappropriate place to solicit, but as Princess Leia said, "this is our most desperate hour."

Back in the 1960s, Star Trek was saved from oblivion through a concerted effort by the fans. Due to fan pressure and an extensive letter-writing campaign, NBC executives gave in and renewed Trek, thereby ensuring it had the episodes needed to go into syndication and find new life and new fans. The rest is history.

Many of you play Star Trek Online, and can imagine how upset you'd feel if your game was summarily and without notice shut down. Well, that's exactly what happened to your fellow gamers over on City of Heroes. Though still profitable, the Korean firm to which the game had been sold decided they no longer wanted to do business in the west.

We at the Save CoH movement are trying to find a new patron. The Korean firm, NCSoft, responded to our initial letter-writing campaign with a flat "no" and, frankly, cold contempt. We are now attempting to persuade the Disney company to acquire City of Heroes.,6354.0.html

The more letters of support, the better our chances, so I'd like to ask you, my fellow Trekkers, to continue our proud tradition of letter-campaigns, and take a moment to dash off a quick note to the addresses listed in that link.

Thank you all for your time and support.

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