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Star Trek Into Darkness - Plot Synopsis


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kirks mom will be killed and there goingto kill off spock


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Quote: hox23 @ Dec. 01 2012, 10:51 pm


>kirks mom will be killed and there goingto kill off spock



I'm sure that's exactly what's going to happen.



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I keep trying to wrap my head around Khan, but I can't. As a writer, I see just cannot be.

Take for instance, the one picture that we've been privvy to: Cumberbach in battle, and he's wearing what? Surely not the attire of a Prince; his skin belies no bronzer, he's obviously not some Indian blooded felow - or even remotely from the East.

He looks like a skinny white git in an excercise suit. Who is he? You guess is as good as mine, so I'll guess. Gary Mitchell.

All that explosive talk is just narrator jabber for the masses...but a one man eapon of mass destruction..that Mitchell, with his god complex.


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I am sooo excited and can't wait for the movie.

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From what can be told from the setphotos there will be an allien forest & it showed Spock with a device in a EV-suit (?) down a robe on a planet.


I think Gary Mitchell & all those familiar characters from TOS will be seen more or less.


The IDW comics start as far I can tell from the first movie. They also are overseen by Orci & Kurtzmann. I agree for the prequel book it has been told that the story will evolve further until Star Trek „Into Darkness“.


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I don't think it'll be Khan, Gary Mitchell is a more likely candidate, but probably not... Possibly someone new or maybe a Mirror Universe reference... With Abrams anything could happen.

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Quote: Commandamanda @ Dec. 02 2012, 8:14 pm

"He looks like a skinny white git in an excercise suit. Who is he?"


Khans son! Or maybe some follower/descendant that took his name, all so that we can still hear someone scream "KHAAAAN!!" at him!


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I just hope that they get the relationship between Spock, Kirk, and Bones to feel right in this one. It was the only problem I had with the first movie. The characters were written as a triad, with a delicate balance. They are supposed to represent one person. The way their relationships panned out in the first Abrams movie kind of puts that in murky water, when that is the one thing that made the original series what they were. I say this fully understanding that Abrams did different things with the characters due to their lives evolving differently from the original timeline. I still feel he slightly missed the point with the triad. I hope that's just due to the plot (the three not being very well acquainted and with a different background from the original series) and not due to a misunderstanding of the relationship and what it meant for the series on Abrams' part. 


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I certainly hope it's not Khan.

It doesn't fit and no one could play that part better than Montalban did.

Knowing what we know, and ignoring the French, it sounds like Gary Mitch to me.


Who knows, they could surprise us all with a totally new villian.

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Never thought about Charlie Evans. That could be a possibility. That was a good episode. Good powerful villian. Hmmmmm.


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Lets think about it. Why would it be Khan? He already has a movie! Besides, it doesn't look like Kahn!

I hope they are more original than that. I wish they hadn't copied TOS in the first place, but seriously, I hope they don't just try to remake the real movies.They should make their own villan, someone fresh, and not just pull a villian out of the hat.

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