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four space station design suggestions


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Report this Nov. 26 2012, 6:14 am

While the usual Star Trek space stations are aesthetically pleasing, I have always been bothered by their verticality.  To go from one part of the station to another, you almost have to use turbolifts.  Over the holidays, I was inspired with four related designs for space stations, which would involve fewer—or at least shorter—turbolift journeys.  (Escalators might be used, instead.)  Please forgive me, if these styles have been developed elsewhere.

1.       bihedral pyramids, base to base, with tall height at apexes.

2.       bihedral pyramids, base to base, with short height at apexes.

3.       flat station—3 to 5 stories in height.

4.       flat station with very wide docking ring.

The pyramidal stations, which I call diamonds, would each have 8 equal sides:  4 on the top pyramid and 4 on the bottom pyramid.  These diamond-shaped stations would consist of 2 four-sided pyramids, placed base to base.  A main docking ring for spaceships would be attached to its center.  The taller one could have two more docking rings attached above and two more rings attached below the main docking ring around its middle.  The smaller diamond would be flatter, so it might only have one docking ring above and one ring below the main docking ring around its middle level.

The flat station would present less of a target to any foreign aggressor, except from almost  directly above or almost directly below it.  It would be wide, rather than vertical.  Although it would require fewer—or shorter—turbolifts, it might almost require one or more bullet-tube trams or the use of shuttlecraft (or even transporters), to be able to quickly move from one side of the station to the opposite side.

While drawing the flat station, above, I accidentally drew the docking ring that encircles it as being extremely wide.  That gave me the idea for the fourth station, in which the docking ring would house several warehouses, fuel-storage areas, quarters medical facilities and offices, as well as the usual pressurization/depressurization chambers, ultraviolet-radiation decontamination chambers, quarantine facilities and the other usual features of a station.

Please forgive me for not including any drawings, but I am photographically challenged that way.  I hope you will be able to understand my descriptions, above.

What do you think?

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