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The stars don't move on Star Trek Voyager.


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Recently, I've been watching Star Trek: Voyager on-line. I've been catching up on the last few seasons I missed when U.P.N switched the air date from Monday night to Wednesday night; all those years ago. As I've been watching Voyager I noticed something I never really noticed before, but, when Voyager is traveling in warp speed and someone from the crew is looking out the view screen or the window-- the stars don't move. Back in the TGS days I always remember the stars moving. It's been a long time sense I watched Voyager, and like I said I never really noticed this before. 
Does anyone out there know the reason for this? Was it brought on by budget cuts coming from UPN-- Haha.
Or, were they trying to say, we really wouldn't see the stars as moving, even at high speeds?


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How odd. I also never noticed this before. I think that you would see the stars move. It's like running towards a mountain. It doesn't seem to move unless you go really fast. So they should have been moving. I assume it was either buget cuts or someone forgot to make the stars move. I do know that warp speed stars are quite expensive, so maybe they thought no one would notice. I do know that when they go in or out of warp, the stars start to move. I think they were trying to be frugal with the stars.

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Nice.  Thanks...

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