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Preferred Federation uniforms


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I liked the dress uniforms in Insurrection. Also, the old 19th century ship uniforms on the holodeck in Generations.


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The First Contact uniforms were awesome. But I do love the maroon outfits from Star Trek II thru VI. 


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Wouldn't uniforms like Seven of Nine wore be great?

Although they aren't Starfleet uniforms, I really liked the clothing Picard saw the Resikans wear--kind of a mottled green-and-brown(?) shirt.

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Late 2370s. Both the navy blue uniforms with the purple shoulder pads, and the white dress uniforms.

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TNG was the better uniform


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I loved the Star Trek: First Contact uniforms. The ones from ENT are also pretty cool for the time period.


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I like them all for what they are!

The ENT one's were very fitting for the time period (like a bridge between TOS and today's time).

The TOS uniforms looked very comfortable and simplistic, I liked them.

The Motion Picture uniforms looked a bit too pajama-like for my taste, but I guess they were ok. Only the color schemes could have been better.

The other TOS movies uniforms were great, because they were the first one's to actually resemble real uniforms.

The early TNG uniforms looked a bit too tight, and the skirts of course sucked.

The later TNG uniforms were cool though, because they were always a bit too big, so they looked very comfortable.

The Voyager / early DS9 uniforms are kind of my favourites. They still look very comfortable while not being too colourful.

The late DS9 / TNG movie one's, I don't really like the grey thing that's going on, but I guess they follow the TOS movie uniforms very well, because they also look like real uniforms.



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The uniforms from First Contact are my favourite, with TWOK a close second.


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I personally like the "alternate" TNG uniform. If i'm not mistaken, the only one who ever wears it is Captain Picard during some of the later seasons' episodes.  Can't stand how the bottom of the legs are on most uniforms, how they come down to the boot and have the section cut out.  Looks like they are western style church pants or something, lol.

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All I can say, is no more jumpsuits!

Unless you look like T'pol or seven of nine. In that case, YES, please wear the skin tight jumpsuit



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I like The Wrath of Khan uniforms.  The present-day real life trend for uniforms to be dull is an aboration.  It's militarily desirable from the point of view of blending into the background, but in Star Trek's time sensors will pick up life forms far earlier than eyes no matter how good the camoflague.  So in the future, people's natural desires for colorful designs will probably come out again.  Less jumpsuits and pajamas.



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The look of the uniforms Starfleet began wearing in "Star Trek:First Contact" fit the Dominion War very well.


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First Contact onwards were the best.

but seeing TNG and those from 3-7 make me happy! lol

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