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Is there any novels out there to bridge Trek 2009 and TOS?


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Pretty much what it says on the tin, whilst I would have preferred a new series, or film set in the primary universe, I have accepted what we have been given. As such, I would very much like to know if there is a novel out there which links 2009 to the TOS series? Perhaps explaining what Ambassador Spock was doing before the film starts. I think I remember hearing about a comic which might bridge the gap? 


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So far there isn't.

However, the novelization of Star Trek goes a little deeper (not too much) into why all the characters seem to be pulled towards each other on board the Enterrprise.

The only other book that comes to mind is the first of the Department of Temporal Investigations, which has a speech by a secondary character which explains essentially what JJ's reality is in relation to the Prime reality from TOS forward. The character has a sort of "Were someone to travel to the past and creata  new set of events, that timeline might stabalize and become it's on reality because of so on and so on blah-blah." It's not a mayor element to the book though, since the book is more about brdiging all the different methods of time travel seen from TOS to First Contact and VOY.

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