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Starbase 400 - Moving Forward


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Report this Nov. 16 2012, 2:34 pm

Starbase 400

We're wrapping up Mission 80 now, and I've got to say it's been really fun!

We're also happy that we've added another member to the crew, Brigadier General Jones, our Chief Diplomatic Officer. (A Marine as a Diplomat?? 'Ooohh Mmmyyy!!')

We're going to put the finishing touches on Mission 80 over the next few days, then we'll have some down time (character development at it's best!) before starting up Mission 81-Revenge.

Mission 81 looks to be a rather dark, intense story for our characters. We also still have a few important spots to fill, so now's the time to stop by and sign up!

Strategic Operations Officer
Marine Fighter Wing CO
Chief Flight Control Officer
Command Master Chief
1st Marine Division XO
Asst. Chief Security/Tactical
Asst. Chief Operations Officer

Join the Adventure! We hope to welcome you aboard soon!




-Mike Bremer -Admiral Bremer - Starbase 400 -

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