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Looking in the past of humanities evolution through height


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I watched a recent episode of the History Channel that discussed the many traits associated with early humans and our evolution. The early traits of humans that have been proven to be human are our height and the size of our skulls.

With each new generation of human that was born the brain size in the human increased as the DNA from both sets of parents added new levels of intelligence that created new strands of DNA.

But one determining factor that has not been erased from humanities DNA traits is our height. The height of a human today can be used to determine which ancestorial line that they actually came from. Each height regardless of whether or not a female is four foot tall like Snooki from Jersey Shore or  as big as a mountain like Shack the height can determine which place in our evolutionary past that are ancestors come from.

For Snooki her height DNA comes from human ancestors discovered from nearly 2 million years ago.

The real question is where do tall humans get their DNA from? Science has shown that the average height of humans tops out around 6 foot. Since all of the evidence that science has discovered for the evolving shows that we come from a smaller version of a human and evetually stood upright then there is indeed a new missing link that has presented itself that needs to explain super tall humans.

Since humans would have only been able to breed with humans the height factor in our evolution would have remained consistent with a height topping out level associated with the natural influences upon humans as each generation of human evolved. The simple factor is the Moons gravity pulling on us from one side which shaped out head and the Earth pulling on us to shape our butts. The size comparison is there to prove this thought.

But what about super tall humans? Could they be part of a DNA strand where for some reason during Earths past that the Moon was farther away from Earth that created more of pull on the DNA strand that in fact stretched the DNA to create the super tall humans?

The only other explination for super tall humans is that another species of human from a distant planet bred with humans and then left so that one day someone would such a question that I have which would make not only me but others wonder as well. Such wonder would lead us to walk up the steps into space to locate those who mated with our ancestors.

This could be another reason why there are passages in numerous religious textbooks about humans trying to mate with "beasts". It could be that those who mated with early humans viewed them as beasts and because of their more refined and evolved nature viewed such mating practices as disgusting and revolting. The reason being that religious texts would have such a passge is that those who were part of the advanced human like species did not want the Earth type of human species to eventually make our way into space to find them. Such a trait would pose a threat to the super tall humans supremacy in the galaxy who viewed theirselves as dominant. Those that saw the benefit of mating with early human must have seen the beauty of creating a new species that would one day evolve into species that would come looking for them. A search that would evolve humanity along the way so as to colonize space in order to make certain that the isolation of the fear emotion would be erased from the human species where humans could look up through a telescope to a planet and smile knowing that we had cosmic neighbors that were like us thus casting off the fear of being alone in the universe emotion.

With all that being said the next time that you see a full grown adult and take measure of their height such a measure relates to a time in humanities past where each persons height is a direct link to a period in our human evolution.

.....but for the super tall people....that remains a mystery in and of itself.

From all knowledge that I have read about the shortest people recorded by Guinness does somewhat prove my theory as being links to humans on Earth from a time maybe five million years ago.

Do I have proof? No. This is what I choose to believe based upon the evidence already discovered and the facts on hand.


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I'm not a doctor nor a scientist, but I think height is often a byproduct of nutrition.  Many people in Japan are shorter, but when teenagers come over and live in the US for awhile, eating hamburgers and potatoes, they tend to become taller.

But, like many conspiracy theorists, I think some of the height genes come from extraterrestrials, some think the Biblical Nephilim and so on.

I seem to be shorter than many people living now.  So, does that mean I've got Neanderthal traits?

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