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Learning to be an astronaught in a swimming pool


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Learning to be an Astronaught in a swimming pool.

Everyone dreams of being an astronaught but not everyone can make it through the training or is even qualified to train. I will however take you through the steps of how you can train like the astronaughts and feel what it is like to be in space.

First off find a spot in a swimming pool that is around eight feet deep or deeper. Next allow yourself to sink and holding your breath slowly float to the surface. The sensation that you feel is exactly what it is like to take a walk in space. Stay relaxed through the manuever and make certain that someone is close by to assist if necessary.

When you are floating to the surface close your eyes and think of a spacescape, passing by a moon or a planet and you will know what it is like to travel the Universe as the Creator herself travels.


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Fascinating. But how does one sink if they're holding their breath?

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Well basically a person takes in alot of oxygen and then propells theirself underwater by bringing their arms up from their sides. This will propell the person under water. To controll the turbulence the person will have to flap their arms in various positions to get the technique down.

Eventually the person will train theirself to propell theirself to the bottom of the pool where a slow and gentle ascent then results.

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