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whats the worst movie experience you ever had?


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Whats the worst movie experience you ever had? can be a bad movie or a bad time watching a movie. Mine was Interview with the vampire. Watched it opening night. My date was high and threw up on the people in front of us. We got kicked out and banned from the theater. In my defense it was a first date and I had no idea she was on anything.


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Well most of the crummy times were due to the fact that I really had no choice since was a kid and had no relatives est.  I either had to watch what my parents want to watch or what my God parents took me to watch something.  Watching a movie with my parents wasn’t always a bad thing, I got to watch something interesting every once in a while that other kids couldn’t normally watch like James Bond or the movie Gandhi. But most of the time it was boring whether it was a drive view or a theater. Now watching a movie with my God parents was unpleasant too but thank God it was only once. I saw ET with them. They fell asleep and started to snore.
It was only cool and fun when I actually got to watch a movie with former neighbors and best friends. But that was rare. When I go old enough, I went on my own and watched what I wanted and how I wanted. These days I just wait for the video and avoid the overpaying and hassle.

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It's either Iron Lady, which is the only movie I recall walking out on part way through, or American Beauty, which was just as boring but I had to sit through it because I was there with my mum.


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Virus. Saw it. Hated it.


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I was watching a movie (can't remember which one) and the theatre's power went out right in the middle of the climax.

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I was at a movie in a large city, and people in the back seemed to enjoy making obnoxious comments and trying to say lines ahead of the actors.  Plus, the floor was sticky from spilled drinks from earlier patrons.

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For me, it was Battlefield Earth.  I saw it for free & still felt ripped off.  I should have had Tom Servo & Crow with me.

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